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February 06, 2012



I'm glad you had such a great time with some girl friends. You're right, it's good to have creative time, and good to have visit time, but the best is when you can enjoy best with your friends.

That music was on the bottom of the box? Seriously? It's great! Any chance of getting a picture of the whole back? I'm curious if the music is actually playable.

Tami Hacker

Days with friends especially 'girlfriend time' is so uplifting - thankful you had a fulfilling day!

These are the first photos I've seen showing off the different angles of your newly expanded kitchen... so lovely!

Excited to see you, feel your gracious hospitality and be uplifted at BIRD SONG II!

debbie blatt

Everything looks so beautiful!!!
So glad you had an AMAZING day, just visiting with friends!!
Sometimes you just need some down time.


Karla Nathan

Amazing is right, its great to get together with creative friends!

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Karla Nathan

Birdsong is the ultimate in creative sharing! I cant wait

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Looks like fun Karla. I wish I had more creative friends close by to have craft days. In the meanwhile, I'll continue to get all excited about Birdsong 2!
Will Carol be there this year?


What fun!! I can so relate. I have worked at home for the last 12 years as a transcriptionist. Working at home can be very lonely and difficult to make friends. To add to it, we moved here 12 years ago and so I didn't (and still don't much) know anyone.

That is why I love blogging so much, I can reach out and meet people and create with them virtually!!


Suzanne Duda

Crafting or no crafting, any day at your house is FUN!!!
I can't wait to come see you again...
Xo suzanne


Your house looks so great, can't wait to see the new kitchen in person at Bird Song II!! Glad you got to unwind with your friends, they make life easier!


what a gorgeous day.

I'm with you on carnations. People seem to hate them, but I love them. they last for ages, remind me of tutus and smell like cloves - what's not to like?!


Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

What a great day. I love days with like minded friends. They are my angels.
Thanks for sharing.

maggie raguse

I work from home, too, and agree that it can get lonely. But I do love the solitude, and I'm also glad I don't have to 'dress up' everyday (going out and buying clothes is almost foreign to me--i'd much rather go shopping at goodwill for old books and lace and stuff!) I'm curious what your crafting project was going to be that day, that you all never got around to doing? Just hanging out and gabbing sounds pretty perfect, too. And your studio and dining room (and the treats!) look beautiful!

Glad you liked my collage for Mary's challenge. So sweet of you to make that comment; it made my day!



Creative people really need creative friends it seems. So good for rechargin our batteries. Your home looks just beautiful!! I am so looking forward to seeing you again for Bird Song. Could you send me the Yahoo page info. I am still enjoying not working with my transcription job. So stressful and I felt like the life was being sucked out of me. So happy to get to do creative things at home again. Thanks for brightening my day today, always fun to read of your adventures, Karla!!


Karla, I adore your blog and your creativity. Please do not sell yourself short on being uneducated and not valuable!! You are a very talented woman with MUCH to offer. A store-bought education is nice but there is just as much to be said for talent and hard work - both things you excel at!

Barbara Sullivan

Karla, would you do a post and tell us about your stairs? I've admired them in other posts, as well. Did you paint or is it some of your beloved wallpaper? Thanks! Barbara

Patty in Kansas

Karla...your photos of the luncheon with the two adorable little dorkies just waiting for something to "fall" off the table are too cool. Don't ever call yourself uneducated, Karla...you write beautifully and clearly, and your joy in your home and art speaks volumes about your intelligence. Love, love, love your blog. Patty in Kansas

Gypsy Rose

fellowship is good! I've been to school of 'hard knocks' as well as a higher learning institute. Guess which is more handy in everyday life?!? Keep on doing what you're doing! Your memories will be the most awesome reward for a life well lived. Still loving all the pics of your wonderful kitchen.


Your new vintage kitchen is so gorgeous, Karla! And if I had your studio I don't think I would ever leave it! You must have so much fun when your friends visit and you get to play with all your fun vintage goodies and make pretty things! You have me thinking that I need to buy myself some pretty flowers once in a while. I always look at them as I walk by but never want to spend the money. I love carnations, especially pink ones.

Karla Nathan

Yep, I guess I should consider myself educated after all, Ive certainly attended the school of hard knocks!

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Karla, it is extra beautiful and those flowers rock! I try to grab the special bargain flowers, too. We deserve them, don't we?! My last weekend craft visit with a friend ended up much as yours did -- and it didn't matter, really. We talked creative things, we laughed and we just WERE. And it was the best.

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