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February 24, 2012


Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

I know where to find you. No fear Karla.


wow, look at you, a super star..that is so coool!..I grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mts.....my hubby and I take our motorcycle up there every fall and ride....I get to see my family and also see the beautiful mts...they are so beautiful any time of the year..


Super Model! You all look fabulous and you so do not look like a grandmother!! Crazy. It was a wonderful dreamy time. I wish I could go back again. I have to get all my addresses now and save them someplace! That is crazy with google connect. why would they do this? It is just so easy to click on updated blogs and friends and read. I would cry if I lost everyone. boo hoo. Hope all is well in Fairy land. Grace xoox


That's so exciting! looks like it was a fantastic weekend!
I just checked & I'm subscribed to your blog in Google Reader, so hopefully that won't go away :) It's like Facebook - just when you get used to it, they change it!

Kate garfield

Karla, you just crack me up! How exciting to be published in the Italian mag! I love your silliness and having a bit of fun in life. I don't know anything about Google Connect. I just read your blog here.
I just want to share some good news: we are having a new grandbaby this fall. It's a miracle cause the father, our son, recently finished with chemo and radiation! We are praying for a healthy full term baby! Oh such joy!


Now that is a special kind of magic: Getting to relieve the event over and over again as you see it through different (publication) eyes. My favorite part, of course, was all the smiles. You have a great and infectious smile, Karla!

PS Sorry about all the social connections shutting down. That's frustrating. I'm already subbed to this blog directly through Google Reader, and it's good to know I'll be able to continue knowing when you are sharing your sparkling life.


Some real stunner photos, but frankly, Karla, my favorite was the last one of you and the tractor! Made me smile this gloomy day!

Karla Nathan

Yes, Google Reader will still be up and running. I hope that the people who are on GR from Friend Connect stay there and dont disappear.

Sent from my iPad

maggie raguse

Molto bene...mi piace. Bellissimo!

Gypsy Rose

Google friends connect or not, you are on tops on my rounds of blogs I go to everytime I connect to the www. Gypsy Rose is my name, Stalking's my game...lol..well, something like that.
And law...now that you're a global super model you may have to get bodyguards. How wonderful for you. Now that you have fame...I hope fortune is in your back pocket.

Elaine L.

Oh, Karla, this is so exciting!

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