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February 15, 2012



Karla those nests are amazing and I love the wreath too! I don't know about anyone else but around here things just seem to be getting tighter with funds and though I would love to do something like this, unfortunately, it is the fun things that are the first to get slashed on budget!

Hope your classes end up a real success!


OMG I forgot to tell you in my last comment how much I adore and cannot wait to meet those kitties!! So cute!! I love your wreath and cannot imagine what the deal is with the sign ups! Something on their end must be broken. If I could, I would be there to play with all of you!


My comment is the same as above, I would love, love 2 b there, especially if I got 2 stay at u r home, like they did last year! Also if it were later in the year, the roads wouldn't be as iffy & I could drive.

Finally from the pictures it does't look like it would B that hard 2 recreate on y r own (I DO know the work that goes into making a piece of art from personal experience) as u know people don't realize how time consuming a work can be, as well as the technique's it requires to make something as beautiful as u r work! My opinion only!

Carol p


I can't wait to see you in March & April. No, your class does not suck! I think it's wonderful & I'm getting a plan together to stick my class with 'busy work' so I can come over & play in yours! Everything you do is done with such style, fun & love, anyone who takes your classes or attends your events is always anxious to come back for more.


Wish I could attend your Bird Song 2 gathering. Perhaps next time:) Hope everyone has fun!



Do love that wreath! We finally locked in our tickets for France, and it will conflict with Birdsong. Mixed emotions! Perhaps Birdsong 3 will be inevitable!

Susan Reaney

Nope. Doesn't suck. Just love it!


I love this wreath, and would love to make one. NO! It doesn't suck. Can't wait for BirdSong.


Oh, Karla, it so does NOT suck!! I think it is just the economy and people cutting back. Sad but true. I would love to have someone teach me how to do wire wrapping. I just "winged it" for a project of my own and here is what I learned - it makes my fingers hurt - probably because I am doing it the wrong way!
You are so talented and so generous with your knowledge. Don't be discouraged - your project is wonderful!

Margie Staniszeski

Karla, I sooo wish I could afford to KS AND to TX to learn from you. I love the nest and the wreath. They do NOT SUCK!! It's just a financial crunch for most of us these days :( Have you thought about charging a fee and doing an online class? I've taken a couple of online classes from Melody Ross from Brave Girls and they are wonderful! She does pictures and video and it's very easy and fun to follow along. Just a thought. I know it's more fun to do it all in person and that is what I'd prefer if I could too, but online classes are a great alternative. I'd love to see you do some classes online! xoxoxoxo

Karen Bailey

Sweet Karla, your wreath is stunning! And you nests are just beautiful as well. I wish I could be there with all the girls making amazing creations. Everything will be fine, don't worry!! I hope you might think of maybe making a tutorial for sale for all the unfortunate ones, like me that couldn't come ~ PLEASE!!

sending many hugs to you
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Karla Nathan

That is a good idea, Karen, I should do a tutorial. Ive already got all of the instructions written out for the classes I taught, all Id need were some photo examples.

Sent from my iPad

Linda McMillin

i second the motion-i would pay for a tutorial on the wire bending wreaths and nests. they look like such fun. good luck with your classes.

Karla Nathan

Okay, I do think I should! Nest, crowns, and wreaths, they are all made from the same technique.

Sent from my iPad

Rebecca P.

Waxahachie is not far from me at all, and if we didn't have to pay the $50 registration fee for Paper Cowgirls, my friends and I would be planning for babysitters that day and registering for your class right now. None of us can justify the registration fee on top of the class fee, when we would only be going for your class. :( I love your project!

Elaine L.


I love the wreath and nest! It totally does not suck. The bird nest looks complicated. Is it that easy to write directions to make something like this.



As a non-crafting person, my best guess is that if it already looks like grapevine but is a lot more work to make, maybe people would just rather use grapevine?

Really, I can only guess. It is obvious to me from the pictures that you put your usually love of crafting into your work.

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