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April 10, 2012


Shabby Jen

I love it! But I think you should let the other 2 legged chicks stay in it when they come visit. A few little pieces of furniture and I think it would be oh so charming! But your little feathered chicks are going to love it also! have fun! Post us some pics when the girls move in! bock bock!!

Linda P.

Karla, I love this tour of the roost, and I love how you called your chickens "ladies"! How nice of you to give them such respect, despite their unfortunate indiscriminate pooping habits. Ha! Their abode is fit for the queenliest of fowl.

These will be the most spoiled shabby chic-kens around! ; )


That is the most unusual (and I mean that in the best way) coop I've ever seen! I can't decide if it's a chicken coop or a B&B. I thought perhaps at first you were making a bunk house for Birdsong girls.
Well I know the little ones will love collecting eggs & preparing them into wonderful meals. How fun!
See you soon.

Karla Nathan

Id probably be smarter to spend my time prepping for the birdsong guests instead of the feathered guests! If I dont get the studio cleaned up, maybe we can have classes in the shed.

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Karla Nathan

Thanks, Linda! Well, Im kind of dreading all of the hard work of taking care of our newest family members so I wanted to make it as pleasant as I could. Pretty surroundings always make me feel better. Plus, happy chickens lay more eggs, so we wanted lots of comfy perches and plenty of space for the ladies. I hope they like it!

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Beth Leintz

Do Dorkies and hens get along? Twinkle and Agnes look pretty curious about what's going on.

Janet Ghio

I can't wait to see it full of chickens! The first photo of the dogs and the cat is just darling!


I love your hen house and I know the ladies will too. Your fairy babies will love it as well I'm sure. You make life so fun and interesting no matter what you do!

Marilyn Parker

Karla ~ Love seeing the new home you've prepared for your ladies. My girls's home is rather industrial in comparison! Can't let them see your pictures! Chickens are so much fun to watch and we love the beautiful brown eggs we gather each day. It (kind of)(almost) makes the poop clean up easier.
Marilyn in Missouri

Tracy Boyle

Karla, I'm so jealous that you are getting a coop! I asked hubby for one and he vehemently denied me! Enjoy the girls because I know the "girls" will enjoy that coop!


too cute - chickens should have the finer things in life! see you soon at affaire at tiffany's!

YokkoBears Bears with a HEART

The ladies will love it, and I really like the painting in their new house, it makes it a real HOME.

Karla Nathan

Lets just hope the fur babies dont chase the feathered babies too much! I want the birds to roam free and eat bugs.

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Sheila R

Love your chicken coop. I know the "girls" will too!


Too much fun! I think all your animals are super excited for the new additions! I can't wait to meet your kitties!

Folk Heart

How is it that our paths have yet to cross? We are most certainly kindred spirits, cut out of the same cloth. Your chicken coop just knocks me out! So reminiscent of my own "Coop de'Ville" from the 80s. It was very chic, or is that chick? But never once did I think of adding a chandelier. I bow to you, my hero!

Cindy Roberts

Love all the "beat up stuff!" Treasures abound in your space!

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