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April 14, 2012


Christine N

Oh Karla, my heart hurts for you losing Agnes Rosebud but it hearts even more that you are feeling responsible. Please don't beat yourself up! She was a very special puppy and she needed to go to heaven to romp with the other puppies! It was only an accident. Please be kind to yourself. We all love you so much!


I'm so sorry to hear about Agnes Rosebud. She was a cutie. Losing a pet is always hard, but when we feel like we should've been able to prevent it, it's that much harder. Take care of yourself and try not to blame yourself.

Linda P.

Dear Karla, I feel your love for and heartache over what happened to your little Agnes Rosebud. One of my daughter's little dogs ran out of the house and was killed by a car a few months ago, and we were very sad. I am so inexpressibly sorry about what happened to you. I am praying that you will be able to forgive yourself. I can tell you are a sweetheart, and you would never have intended for this to happen.


I am so very sorry Karla. My two Yorkies are my babies and I can't imagine life without them. My heart breaks for you. Praying for you and hoping you will treat yourself gently.

Dawn Edmonson

Oh sweet girl...I'm so, so sorry!!!! Please don't beat yourself up for this ~ you never would have known she would run into the road. I'm just so very sorry for your loss angel, sending you hugs and love dear friend, Dawn

Sherry Williams

My heart is aching for you, sweet Karla. I am so sorry this happened.

my love,

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Oh, Karla, I'm so sad about sweet little Anges Rosebud. What a terrible accident. These things happen and it's not your fault. I've seen a lot of Yorkies in our neighbourhood and owners seem to always trust them to be off leash in front of their houses, even on busy streets - I always admired these dogs for that. We've been trying to train our Goldendoodle not to run into the street and my husband is petrified but we have to train her and she needs to learn. No matter what we do, accidents will happen, Karla and you're not to blame, it's just one of those things. I particularly adore that first photo adorable Agnes amongst the roses...


Karla, not matter if our children are two-legged or four, we feels such tremendous responsibility for them. And if something happens we go through the would-a, could-a, should-a's. But you were such a great person and caretaker to your little creatures.. that is so clearly evident in how you put your pain into words. Things happen that we can't control and this was just one of those times. Your baby gave you such wonderful memories and in time those will be the remaining memories... not the pain you are in now. Take care of yourself, Karla... I am so sad over your loss!


sending my heartfelt sympathy....


My heart is broken for you Karla. I can't even imagine...I'm so sorry...

Suzanne Duda

Oh Karla, my heart is breaking for you. She was the sweetest puppy, I remember when we dressed her up as Dorothy when she was only 6 weeks old...so precious. You are a wonderful "puppy mama" and this was just an accident. Agnes Rosebud was lucky to spend 2 perfect years with you, she was completely loved every minute of it! Sending love your way...xo suzanne

Janet Ghio

Karla-I'm so sorry about Agnes Rosebud. Such a sweet girl. You loved her all her life. Sometimes accidents happen. Try not to be too hard on yourself.


Oh, I know how much that hurts! I am so sorry that you have to go thru this sadness... Big hugs! karen....


So sorry Karla! You are a wonderful mom to your Yorkies. It was from seeing how much you love them and how they love you that we decided to adopt our little Lucy. Even though little Agnes Rosebud's life was short, she knew more love than most dogs can ever dream of. Please forgive yourself. This was just a very sad accident, and it could have happened to any one of us.


So sorry to hear this, like the other have said,Accidents happen, please dont be so hard on yourself...my heart hurts for you...


I am so sorry. Losing a beloved furbaby is heartbreaking. I'm certain she felt very fortunate to have you be her human mom....it's very obvious from your post that you adored her and the rest of your little "charges".

Marilyn Parker

Karla ~ So sorry for your loss.

Lisa H.

I very sorry, Karla!

Lisa H.

*I'm* sorry. (Sorry twice! :-/)


Oh Karla. I know how you loved Agnes Rosebud and she you, and her loss breaks my heart. It makes me even more sad that you feel you didn't protect her well enough. I know how much and how well you took care of her, and it was just a terrible accident. My heart is breaking for all of you.


Oh Karla, this is such sad news. I'm so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful sweet puppy and I know she meant to world to you. Her Sister, Lilly sends big hugs and kisses your way, and so do I! xoxo


Dear Karla - this is heartbreaking! However, don't blame yourself, sweetie. Agnes Rosebud was here to give you two very special years full of treasured memories. She was a little doll baby that you will hold in your heart forever. I know it was hard for you to write this - my heart goes out to you. xoxo

Susan Reaney

I am so, so sorry. I was just sick when I read this. It is always a toss up with dogs. They are so much happier when they are free. I am thinking of fencing in my back yard so the dogs will be free(er). right now they are on a lead and a have someone walk them three times a week. Not a very fun life for a dog!
Sending big hugs,



Linda McMillin

I'm so sorry. Don't keep blaming yourself, unfortunately accidents happen. She had 2 years of exceptional love and care.

Tara Caveness

Dear Karla,
I am so...sorry about the loss of your precious little Agnes. I have an 11 year old yorkie that bosses around 2 large english mastiffs and I have so enjoyed seeing your little sweeties on your blog. Losing a beloved pet is so difficult but please don't blame yourself. I'm sure little Agnes lived a blessed life and was happy every second of her life. Take care, Tara


I'm really sorry for your loss, she was so sweet. She had a better life in her 2 years than probably 90% of dogs in the world. Hugs to you and your family.

Karen Young

Dear Karla,

I am so sorry that you lost your little Agnes Rosebud. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. Please be kind to yourself as accidents do happen.

Lots of thoughs and hugs

Rebecca P.

Karla - We had the exact same thing happen to our sweet baby, Dot, last summer. The circumstances were almost exactly the same: helped her come into the world in my bathroom floor, never had a leash on (except for one vet visit) , let her run free with us outside and she was hit right in front our house. I felt so much like you are now. As time has gone by, I've started to focus on what a free, happy life she lived. She was able to run and hop through the grass, lay under the trees and lift her head into the wind, play with her doggy friends in the yard and then sleep in a nice climate controlled house with her family. She's gone onto a better place and before that, she was truly happy every day that she lived here with us.


Dear Karla..please forgive yourself...it was an accident...take care...


I am so sorry to hear this. I know how much you loved and adored her. Grieving is hard, so please feel better soon and don't blame yourself. Just remember how much love and joy she brought to you and your family. Hugs.


oh no, i can not express how sorry i am. i have a dorkie too and he is my heart. I have occasionally let my dog out without a leash and he tends to take off sometimes. They want to be little explorers and can get away from us so quickly! My prayers go out to you and your family. I truly wish there were something i could say to ease the sadness-but i know theres not.


Oh Karla, I am so sorry about this!! You have been through so much in the past few months. Please don't feel you did anything wrong, you were a faithful momma, but we cannot always predict what our little ones will do. She was such a sweet little dog and I know your heart is breaking, my prayers will be with you as you deal with this. We lost our dear kitty of sixteen years last summer and it is still sometimes hard to believe he is gone, but I really do feel that we will see him again one day. Agnes Rosebud would not want to see you tormented over this either.


Karla, I am so very sorry! It's never easy to lose a pup, but it's obvious you gave Agnes Rosebud a wonderful and love-filled life during her time with you. We - humans and animals - never know how long our life will be and though short, her life was happy and blessed.


I'm so sorry Karla. I know how close we become to our pets.

My parents just had to put down their lab, Mickey, after 12 years. She was having lots of hip problems and in too much pain. They know they made the right decision, but it's still hard.

I like to think all good dogs go to Heaven and right now, they're running free, no worries, no leashes, and lots of other puppies to play with. : )

Teresa Jaye

oh, Karla, I'm so sorry for your loss. You did your very best for your sweet little pup and gave her the very best of everything and all your love. Her life was short but I'm sure it was very joyful and full of love. Send all those bad "if only" thoughts out the window and instead, cherish the wonderful time you had with her. ((((hugs))))


I am so sorry for your loss. Please let yourself grieve, but you can't blame yourself. I am sending prayers and thoughts your way.

Brenda Kula-Pruitt

Oh Karla, please don't blame yourself. We can't be on guard all the time. Mine don't wear collars either. I have to watch them like a hawk. When they get loose and run down the street my heart is in my throat. You're a good dog-mama. Give yourself some slack. Grief is hard enough without blaming yourself on top of it. Hugs to you.

Sandra Feazel

Oh Karla, its not your fault!! I am so sorry to read this!! Bless your heart, I know you miss that baby dog!! My dogs are my babies (big babies)and I can't stand to think of anything happening to them! I know you are heartbroken, my heart goes out to you!!! Wishes of comfort and peace for you!!! Agnes Rosebud would be sad to think you blame yourself...she would want you to think of her in happy memories!!! Take care of you, so so sorry for your loss!!!

mercedes scott

Karla, I can hear and feel the sadness in your words. Try to focus on all the joy she brought to your life and all the love you gave her for the time she was with you. If there is such a thing, well then "she died happy" knowing she was loved and cherished. Crap happens; and it's not anyones fault! Life happens. It was just her turn to go.

Teresa Neibaur

Karla, love,
I am so sorry about Agnes, but I also know that you were a wonderful mama for her and she adored you. Also, you must not beat yourself up, it did not cross your mind that she would do that. I have let Borris walk out to get the mail with me many a times and never even thought of him running in the street. I know your heart is so sad, but you loved her so much and she knew that. Please forgive yourself for not being all knowing of the future. Accidents happen, I pray you find comfort soon and remember the love you two had.


Karla....my heart breaks for you


Oh Karla

No words can fill that special void the loss of a fur child leaves. Prayers for you and your family.


judy stafford

Dear Karla, I've been a follower of your blog for about a year and am so sorry to her about you loss. My friend Karen Hillman says we'll meet all of our furry friends at the rainbow bridge when we cross. I hope your darling grandbabies are taking this loss well.

Paula K

Anges Rosebud was called to be an angel with Grandma Agnes. We don't know why, but she was needed there now. Whatever she taught us while she was here, must be her life's work complete. Let's think about what yorkie dorkie things we got from her life... smiles, fun, love! Not your fault, just her time, Praying for you.


Oh, Karla, I am so sorry to read this. :-( I know how much you loved that sweet puppy, and SHE knew it too. She was so lucky to be your girl, and couldn't have had a better companion than you. Do not blame yourself, it was a terrible accident.
Thinking of you and sending a big hug your way.
xoxo andrea


Dear, dear Karla. I am in tears. My heart is broken for you.♥♥♥

Melanie (I've commented before)

Oh, that's so sad...such a sweet looking dog but good to remember the happy times you had with her. It's a shame; a friend of mine lost her dog a few years ago, so I know it must be hard. Makes me almost sadder to see how badly you feel about it, but like other posts say, you shouldn't blame yourself for it.


Oh,, I am so sorry to read this! Please don't blame yourself so harshly...

Patty in Kansas

Karla...I am so very sorry about your loss of your little Agnes Rosebud. They are members of our families, aren't they? Just remember how much love she had in her life from you and your family. Love, Patty in Kansas

Jackie Nobles

Karla so sorry about Agnes Rosebud. Losing a pet is devastating. They are a part of the family. Sending special hugs. Jackie

Lisa Showalter

I'm so sorry....my heart hurts for you and with you.
Lisa Showalter


My heart is so sad for your loss. Please, please do not be so hard on yourself.
Yours, RosemRy

Deborah Woodrow

Aw, Karla, how terribly awful ! I'm so sorry, you lost your sweet Agnes Rosebud. Really, it was an accident. You are a wonderful Puppy Mommie, accidents can happen anywhere & anytime. I hope your broken heart heals soon.


Karla, I'm so sorry about little Agnes Rosebud. Please don't blame yourself. She was so lucky to have the freedom that most dogs do not experience. This was just an accident. Please don't be so hard on yourself. She knew how much you loved her and that you did not want this to happen. Pups have their own will, just like kids. I hope too that your broken heart heals. Hugs.


I am so sorry for your loss of Agnes Rosebud. Accidents do happen so don't try to blame yourself. I beat myself up for the longest time after having to give up my Maltese, Jack after the birth of my first child. I gave him to some dear, dear friends of mine after much deliberation. Just two weeks later, Jack was "dog-napped" and I beat myself up telling myself that would have never happened if I had kept him. The only hope that I have is that whoever took him is taking extremely good care of him. Agnes Rosebud was lucky to have you and she is looking down on you from heaven. Hugs.


I'm so sorry, Karla. I've been and know how you feel. Her life might have been short, but she was happy and well loved. Time won't erase what happened but eventually you will remember the good life she had more than the end.

Laraine Atherton

I am so sorry to hear about little Agnes Rosebud. I lost my beloved "Tuffy" in december. The loss of a pet is something people without pets cannot understand. I still cry when I think about him...........all that love packed into such a tiny little body.
Best Wishes


Ive never met a Yorkie who thought they were a "little dog". I'm deeply sorry to read of your loss.

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