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April 20, 2012



Karla I am sorry you have had a bad week! That is not fun at all!! Your sweet little Sugarwings probably misses you as much as you miss her :)
lots of hugs,


what a sweet picture of sugarwings. what is her real name Karla? shes such a pretty little girl. yeah, life is full of ups and downs.. the downs are what make the ups so special.. really dont you think? well whatever, the downs suck. IN anycase.. you have this great weekend coming up and youre going to have such a good time. I wish I lived hearby, i would have signed up too!
have a lovely weekend


Karla! Another person addicted to that song!! Phew... I could listen to it all the time! Besides the original, I thought they did a great job on Glee. That song evokes such emotion, doesn't it?!

Linda P.

Dear Karla, I'm so sorry you have had such a bad week. This is your blog, so you share as many details as you like! If it makes you feel more supported, then please feel free to talk about your sadness and difficulties. We have all been there, and I, for one, would NOT think you were just trying to get sympathy!

I raise my glass of peppermint iced tea in a toast! Here's toward happy times and smooth sailing and lots of FUN at Birdsong!

Wanda Howland

Karla - also addicted to that song! But my fave is the one by Pentatonix (the winner of the acapella show "The Sing Off") - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOKuAigsrec
love it! amazing the sounds they make just with voices!

Hope this week brings lots of the joy!

Wanda in NH

jeanine mayden

karla, sorry you are going through some hard stuff right now but that is why i like your blog it is real and honest and i don't see it as you as whatever kind of whore you said lol. but i can relate and it encourages me for my own stuff. it is so balanced with joy too so don't forget that. thanks for sharing life.

Karla Nathan

Its a great song to listen to when youre sad. Very emotional! And beautiful, I dont get tired of it.

Sent from my iPad


Sorry to hear you have had such a hard week, Karla... why does it seem that problems seem to heap up just when we want to feel uplifted and energetic? I get so frustrated with this sometimes. Hopefully, you will get your Sugarwings fix soon and your heart will be comforted. Sounds like you are working so hard for Birdsong. I would love to help by bringing some scones again if that would be okay? Have a better day, hopefully the sun will shine again for you today..... Linda F.

Karla Nathan

I stopped by the park last night and played a game of tag with the girls, not only did I get to play with them ,I surprised myself with my running skills!

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Jackie Nobles

Hi Karla, I love that song too, I had not heard it until Idol(I think Phillip Phillips is the greatest). Just went to Walk Off The Earth website. I am hooked. Really sweet photo of Sugarwings! Looks like you have Birdsong under control.
Hugs Jackie


Please dont ever stop being honest in your posts. I appreciate you allowing us to be there in the beautiful times and the rough ones too. I think it has been more than a rough week. Cheers to a rocking weekend of fun.


I know it's been sucky but hold on, next week will be awesome! I promise. Miss you!

Kate G.

The good thing about your honest posts is that it helps us all realize that life is not always a bowl of cherries but we can make it through the hard times, too.
Human nature is much the same in every culture, so the often abused phrase "I feel your pain" is actually very true for most of us who have lived very long!
I check your posts almost every day and have enjoyed them all. Please keep it up.
Wish I could be at one of your Birdsong parties. Maybe someday.
take care, my friend... Kate


Hugs Karla! I can't wait to share better times with you and wish there was something I could do to help cheer you in the meantime.


Glad you found a new pic editor. I'll have to try it. I didn't use Picnic so I am not sure what I really want in one but Picmonkey seems to have it all. Love your stuff I know your room will move right along!
Hugs, Lisa


oh no....your kitty?

Sending you a hug. Hope you can relax and enjoy your friends at Birdsong.

Mitzi Curi

Thanks for the tip about Picmonkey. I was wondering what to use instead of Picnik.....

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