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May 13, 2012


Gypsy Rose

Happy Mother's Day to you too! What a wonderful surprise for you. A clean studio, a great fairy sculpture, new hens, and best of all, a great family! Enjoy your day!

I got breakfast out and a trip to JoAnns for a travel cutting mat and pressing board that I've been wanting for a while. (He's a cutie and a keeper). Waiting on a phone call from the gorjuss gypsy gurls and their dad...that will be the icing on the cake.

God is good!

Tami Hacker

What a sweet & thoughtful gift for you... also totally adore the wire fairy made from the sweepings of Bird Song... a treasured gift is so many ways.

Happy Mother's Day!

Beth Leintz

Oh my gosh, that has to be one of the best presents ever. I love that Christee really was able to make a project out of all the crafty remnants


life don't get better than that!

I already you have had a blessed day.

Sheila R

What a wonderful present that they gave you. Hope your Mother's Day is wonderful!

Dawn Edmonson

What a WONDERFUL Mother's Day gift Karla!!!! I so loved that they saved some of the floor debris too! What a great idea and the creation your sweet Gypsy made....such a sweet gift and reminder of your weekend of fun with the Bird Song girls! Looks like Sugarwings is already in love, chickens are so wonderful, she's going to have such a blast with them! hugs and love, Dawn


Aren't they just the best girls - the BEST Mothers Day prezzie for you Karla!

Oh lucky you having hens, they are so sweet, I had a bantam "Henrietta" for a couple of years and she used to be beside me when I was gardening - she thought I was gardening just to find little bugs for her to nibble at!!!
Right in the middle of the city of a million people, there is a working farm and our house backed on to it - Henrietta just wandered into our life and wouldn't go back, no matter how many times we took her!!!


debbie york

I thought I had a great Mother's Day, but now I'm wondering. No one cleaned anything for me...or brought me chickens. Roses-yes...chickens-no. 'Course that could be 'cause C.D. is scared of all things birdy!

Karla Nathan

Shane, I think these girls will be good pets too. They came from a big farm too, and are already looking pretty happy with their new home.

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Linda P.

Karla, I think the gift of service is one of the best gifts EVER! In fact, I sometimes request help on something in the house/yard as a gift from hubby when a gift is called for! The relief you felt when you saw the amazing transformation of your house and garage must have been tremendous! Plus, the fairy that Gypsy made is so cute and creative, too! Sugarwings and the chicken look so sweet together.

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