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May 05, 2012


Gypsy Rose

I have a drop cloth here. Do I dare try something like that for a family gathering next month? Of course, it will look like cave man drawings, but we are pretty primal so it will fit better than a whimsey tiffany mural. You know the old saying...you can choose your friends, not your family...lol
tfs. Enjoy your event!

ps. I was just going to make a banner with family name and date. Now I think it will be a family tree, one that includes some rotten apples and a few black sheep in the background. (lol...I just crack me up) I will probably be banned next year.

Theresa Smith

Karla! I am blown away! My goodness girl the amount of talent you have is crazy great! Wow!
I'm in love with this mural and the detail is awesome! All I can say is Wow! Great job!



What fantastic description of how you work your magic! You are so talented! It's dreamy...and I love how Sugarwings got all caught up in it, too!

Linda P.

I really enjoyed reading how you created this beautiful work of art. I am sorry for the difficult parts like having to iron the whole thing! Yikes! I bet Sugarwings loved playing with it until it had to be sent on its way!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

You are such a wonderful artist!! Absolutely gorgeous work!! It looks like Sugarwings is following in your footsteps. : )

~ Wendy


Wow!! I just stumbled upon your blog from pinterest. I have enjoyed looking around, this is just stunning! And just look how happy she is!

Patricia Powell

What a great post! Thanks so much for providing so much detail. We want to do a hand-painted backdrop for our booth at comic conventions but weren't sure where to start in terms of construction, and these instructions will be a great help!! I also shared this on my personal Facebook page because I think many of my Mommy-Friends might enjoy making something like this for a baby's room. Older children might be able to help make one for their own room. Fabulous!!

Denise Lanier

Hi Karla,

I just discovered your site & I feel the way I do whenever I receive a gift & it's not even my birthday or a holiday involving presents. Thanks so much for sharing all of these How-to instructions, Tips & Tutorials!

I'm wondering if these directions for making a hand-painted banner on canvas might also be used for creating an original floor-covering, and if so, would you recommend different and/or additional steps to help the end product be more durable to foot-traffic?

Thanks so much,


Photo Booth Manchester

Thanks so much for offering so much details. We want to do a hand-painted background for our unit at comedian conferences but weren't sure where to begin with regards to development, and these guidelines will be an excellent help.

Jan Meador

That is so cool! I also love painting giant murals on drop cloth canvas. I have painted quite a few for children's church bible studies. I did a whole series of Noah 's Arc 6 canvas in all. I discovered that to paint a stone wall like you did is to put the canvas over a cider block wall and use a paint roller works really well it shows all of the lines and they are straight! Love you instructions and your work!

Nishant Shah

Thanks so much for offering so much details.

daniel karanja

Looks like a nice part time activity that one can engage kids to.


Hi there,
I am adding to an already made and painted banner, and your article explains why the spray paint I've used to add in border strips (above and below a word already painted) is soaking into the canvas making an oily look a few inches above and below the line, it probably hasn't been primed.
Is it too late to prime, or what do you recommend that I should do to fix that oily overrun? Also this banner is displayed outside and faces extreme weather of sun, wind and rain, and I'm wondering what I should put over the top to protect it once it's finished?

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