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June 21, 2012


Jojo Caramel

The little gardeners book is very lovely!
I wish I could visit Susannas's Antiques...
Your collage is beautiful! Congratulations to the winner!

Belle Journée :)

Sue K

Oh, envy you that trip - I love the peaceful NC beaches! I lived north of Raleigh for eight years - there are so many wonderful antique shops in the area - and great auctions, too!

Linda P.

Karla!! I am tickled the most lovely tint of shabby chic pink that I will be gifted with this beautiful collage!! I feel blessed, and I thank you so very, very much. I will treasure it! Already contemplating which of my walls it will grace . . . : )

Oh, the Vintage Village looks like so much fun! Is that upside down garden edging used as trim on the front of SuzAnna's? How cute and clever. The Little Gardeners book looks like it will be so sweet. Love the illustration on the cover!

Before my comments get too long here (ahem!), I think I'd better just sum up in a quick list the other beautiful things I loved in this post: Yorkies, the beach, the bridal bouquet. . . . Honestly, there was nothing NOT beautiful in this post. As usual. : )


Wow what a great sale! My palms got sweaty just reading the post:) Your a lucky girl getting to vaca while Rich works, I would kill for a romantic walk down a beach. The closest we've gotten lately is the produce isle at Tom Thumb, that was pretty romantic!


Congrats to Linda!! But oh darn for me!! :o)

So glad you got to have some fun on your trip! Everything looks amazing {especially the vintage village and the beach} and a photo on the beach with your eyes open!!
Fabulous, and such fun!

And what cute poochy photos!!

So what are you going to do with all of your hats??
Have a delightful day, Karla!


My kind of vacation -- oh, dear! I'd go nuts! You look radiant in that last pic! Hope Twinks dating goes well!

maggie raguse

What a glorious get-away you had! Jenny's shop looks wonderful, and that book you got is so darling : i just love the illustration, and especially the font used for the title. Just darling.

Looks like owning Yorkies runs in your family! Cuteness!




I will never master your hat whispering skills, the ones I usually find are outrageously priced BUT I did stumble on one lone hat is a tiny podunk town in the back middle of nowhere last weekend and it was only $3.00 with the biggest velvet pansies in sepia tones all over it! I was a little squeamish about plucking the blossoms off. I thought to myself, who in their right mind was going to plunk that thing on their head and go out in public? No on in their right mind, that's who, so now I have a beautiful bowl full of soft velvet blooms to craft with.

Thanks for taking us on such a lovely trip!

Gypsy Rose

Congrats to Linda! Don't we all wish we had shops like Suzanna's near us?! I'm in love with the dresser in your pic with Jenny(?). A fun post full of eye candy and lots of links...you are going to keep me busy for awhile.

Karla Nathan

Wow, sandy, sepia velvet for three bucks? You hit the mother lode!

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Oh my gosh, her dogs are so cute! I would love to walk through those shops. You never know what you might find.


OH the beach, the shopping, the seafood! I am pea green!!


Miss Karla!
You are so sweet! It was wonderful to meet you and I am glad you guys had fun on the rest of your trip! I will try and replenish my hats before you come back next time!!


Oh, the photos of Jenny's shop and the shopping village made my heart go pitter-patter.

Two of my favorite things are vintage-brooch bouquets and The Outer Banks (which is a place not a thing, of course.) If I were going to be a bride, I would want one of the brooch bouquets and a honeymoon at The Outer Banks. Too bad my bride day is LONG past.

Sandi M

Oh my gosh! It looks like a junk shopper's paradise. I wanna go! Looks like you had a great time.

Karla Nathan

Its a great mall! I wish it were closer, Id be a regular there.

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Jenny's Heart

Duck was more quiet because that is where the "locals" and Virginians like me go since it is less crowded and less of a tourist trap. Plus most anyone "local" will go before Memorial day or AFTER Labor day...lol
I LOVE it there and I am glad you did too.
Hmmmm I think it's time I plan another trip down there.

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