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June 10, 2012


Linda P.

The necklaces look as yummy as your recipes! Gorgeous! You are quite the lovely "rebel," confessing to putting your own twist on things and creating various class projects a bit "outside of the box." My smile is inserted here! I think it is great how you put your own individualized spin on the projects that are presented. You know what you like, and you go for it!

Speaking of going for it . . . . I am once again going for that lovely collage. Would love to win it.


Soo going to create that salad!! Beautiful necklaces!!

Louise @ Elsie May and Bertha

I don't know if we have the drink powders you're talking about in the UK. What are they called? Your pink drink looks lovely.

Sunny Simple Life

Oh that necklace is so beautiful. It is so romantic.

Tami Hacker

Wow, beautiful handmade jewelry, scrumptious salad & drink recipes, and an awesome chance to win your collage giveaway. Thanks Karla for sharing with us!

Please add my name to your collage giveaway - I would be delighted & honored to win it!

Hugs, Tami

mercedes scott

Karla, your necklaces are fabulous! And your healthy recipes are not shabby either :) Have fun on your expedition; hope you find lots of loot!


Off to the store to get me some lime seltzer water ~ that looks delicious!

Karla Nathan

NC is great shopping! Ive found so many bargains.

Sent from my iPad


Love your creations Karla, one and all.

Freda Butler

Have a great time on your trip. You have left u with some great recipes and I too will buy some lime seltzer water.

When we had our cottage in WI I used to stop and buy fresh eggs and what a difference. Now back to store ones.

Thats life.



Kate garfield

My daughter lives in Jacksonville, NC and the folks there say "Wilmington" has great thrifts and second hands. I'm sending her your salad recipe. She'll love it.
Can't wait to win! He he heeeeee!

Gypsy Rose

Yummy necklaces. luv the way you put your spin on things. I've been experimenting with these powdered drinks too. Haven't tried seltzer water though. Seems like I keep giving up stuff. Soda's and now sweet tea. Getting used to unsweet tea is a real challenge. Us suthern gals NEED our sweet tea! Not fair.


I think I am going to try to mix up some drinks a la karla. thanks!


Beautiful necklaces!! The salad and drinks make me very hungry, too!!


I'm not a huge fan of tea or lemonade drink mixes, but your variation sounds like it might be ok. I'll have to try it. I've been drinking tonic water lately (they say the quinine might help with nighttime leg cramps. The hands on discovery place looks like a great place to be.

Enjoy NC


Your jewelry is lovely, Karla! I used to make my own glass beads, and design jewelry, too. I might just have to drag out some of my stuff and make some...it's been a few years at least!

That drink looks so refreshing! My fave is just ice cold sparkling mineral water!!
Hope you have a great week!

Sandi M

Lovely jewelry. I always find beauty when I visit your blog. I am a crystal light addict. I have apple mint, chocolate mint, regular mint and mint julep ( the best smelling of them all) growing in my garden pots. Why did I never think to add it to my Crystal Light???? Trying this TODAY! Thanks Karla

Andrea Villarreal

That salad and lemonade look delish Karla!!

Amy Bauer

Necklace (beautiful), salad (delicious), collage (creative)... your blog is a feast for the senses! Yeah for you. Put me in for the drawing, please! - Amy B.

Rebecca P.

I love that collage! Cool! Also, the drink recipe sounds fabulous!

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