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June 17, 2012



Wow - there's no way I can pass this one up! Count me in if there are still spots available! I'm emailing you right now :)


Karla I would love to join count me in. Im going to email you.

Stephanie O.

Sounds fabulous...Just emailed you....S

Judi Storm

It must be because your "Faerie book swap" has caused the web site to crash, but I can't get on the page to sign up for your swap.
I'll try again in the a.m. I am so glad to be a part of an other one of your swaps. Thanks Judi


Such a delight of fairy images and stories! Thank you for sharing, Karla, and hope that you enjoy an equally delightful swap.

Linda P.

I just emailed you with my sign-up, Karla!

Andrea Villarreal

This is awesome Karla!!! I will email you right away:)


Just emailed to sign up for the swap, Karla! What a delightful theme! Thanks for sharing so many images and all the sheet music, text, etc.
Your swaps are always so much fun!


Woo Hoo - what fun. Can't wait to get started. I'm excited - your swaps are always such fun.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Jamie V

I would love to participate! Count me in! Jamie V in MT
[email protected]


I was hoping you would pop up with a swap. Fairy theme will be fun, and you've supplied some delightful images to include. I'm in. Charlotte


I love fairies..count me in. Do you want 8 double sided pages that are the same or all 8 different?

Karla Nathan

Since the pages go to different people, it doesnt matter. Do them any way you wish!

Sent from my iPad

Terri Gordon

Hi Karla, I would love to join your swap, this is wonderful, thank you so much for doing this, I am super excited. I am off to email you. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

Margie Staniszeski

Karla, I'm so excited about this Fairy book swap! How do I pay you via paypal?? I can't find that info... I'm probably looking right at it too! hahah! sorry!

Karla Nathan

You can send money with your pages. If you pay by PayPal, please include a note with your pages to remind me that you already paid, thanks!

Sent from my iPad

Kim Smith

I've been looking forward to this swap Karla, I'm emailing you now with my sign up info. thank you!

Linda McMillin

count me in, i will send info to you.


Count me in, Karla! This sounds like great fun! I'll send check with pages and address -- this will be a delightful way to focus some of my summer creating!

Amy Bauer

I thought I commented yesterday, but apparently not! I'm in. I e-mailed you already and am most excited to get going. These books will be wonderful! - Amy Bauer


Hi Karla...I am joining in on the swap. This is going to be a beautiful book. I love your beautiful fairy drawing. You amaze me.


lynn legge

karla, i sure can use a bit of beauty around me.. and one cant have too many fairies.. can they? please sign me up for your swap... i would love to join.. and cant wait to see what lovely artwork all the creative ladies out there produce
big big ladybug hugs and have a great weekend

Karla Jackson

I need a little bit of magic in my hectic life right now...who better to bring it than faeries!!!
Thank you for the wonderful inspiration pages you posted...I will have fun finding just the right faeries for my book page.
Bih glittery hugs to you in Kansas (my favorite state, I lived in Manhattan) from another Karla!

Kathy Cabble

Hi Karla. I just bumped into this swap. I'm new at this kind of thing. I would love to join this swap. I'm not sure that the kind of things that I do are good enough for this swap. Would you please check out my blog and then tell me if I can join? I have some fairies on it. Thanks. Kathy


I love this. Thanks for hosting such a delightful swap.


Please sign me up for the swap! Sounds fun!

elizabeth streeter

Karla add me also
Elizabeth from Australia I know I am late but hopefully not too late look forward to completing the pages

Susan G

I would really LOVE,Love, and love to join this swap. (Kim knows me)
But first I'd like to know what the $20.00 is for?

I do not think it will cost $20.00 to ship this, especially if we go with priority flat rate ($11.00) or BOOK RATE...which would be much cheaper. (as these will be books)

PLEASE reply and I can go from there.
Thanks so much,

Karla Nathan

Well, I have expenses involved besides postage. With about 100 books to make, I go through a lot of supplies. I use vintage wallpaper on the front and back covers, pay for color copies, plus printer ink for the labels. I buy rings to bind them, add ribbons, a charm, and embellish the books too. There are a few dollars left over, which could be considered profit, but if you consider the hours and hours I spend on the swap, it doesnt come near covering my time, so its not as much of a profit as it is an offset against my losses. Because when I work in these, it takes me away from my regular work.

But I do love swaps, and enjoy the process. Ive hosted many in the past and charged much less for participating, but was in the hole on them. If I want to host big swaps, I have to cover all of my expenses, plus at least some of my time. If I only had twenty or so swappers, it wouldnt be such a big deal, but with this many involved, it becomes a huge task.

No, its not $20 to ship the books. Overseas books can add up, approximately a dollar an ounce, but it is less for domestic shipping, of course. But I cant use book rate, these are not traditional books.

I am not trying to cheat anyone or take advantage of swappers, just trying to keep it fair for myself.

Sent from my iPad


$20 is a GREAT deal for all of the work you're doing...I'm sending my pages off to you today...can't wait to see what you send back :)

Nancy Collins

Hi Karla...just found this swap! Am I too late to join up?
Let me know what I need to do, Please....

Rosanna Van Etten

Karla, I just found this information on Pinterest, love Pinterest! Am I too late to join?? It would be great fun - RosannaVan

Jennifer Hayslip

Karla, you will always and forever be the FAIRY QUEEN! I wish life would slow down for me so I could join your amazing swaps. I miss them! xo,Jenn

lynn legge

karla my faerie swap pages are winging their way to you.. my hubby mailed them for me on saturday.. i cant wait to see the finished product..
have a great week :)

Misses Peach

Hello Karla...my faerie pages are alomost done and will be in the mail to you next week...just wanted to update you. I have so enjoyed making them...gathering the crepe paper edges was time consuming so it has taken me longer to finish them than I expected, but they will not arrive late!
Faerie hugs from the other, formerly from Kansas, Karla


Karla, i just found you! WOW! i am going to try and put mine together in time for the swap...wish me luck!


My niece is going to be a fairy for Halloween. Is there a unique name for guys that are fairy's or can fairy's be both guys and girls?

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