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June 12, 2012



What a delightful time! You are blessed with having people nearby who "get it" and enjoy a play day like that. Love the books and need to try the smooshing!


What fun. I agree with Kathy's comment about having people nearby who "get it." Wish I had some close to me. You don't want to move to Mt. Dora by chance?

. . . OK. Didn't think so.

The fairytale wallpaper is beyond fabulous. Perfect for Angie's beautiful celebration.

Many years ago when I did a lot of crafting there was a liquid product that could be "painted" on a paper image that would make it very shiny and sturdy. It looked like glass. I don't think it was Mod Podge. Seems like it was liquid glass or whatever. Maybe it is still out there. Do you know what I might be referring to, or something that works in that way?

Have a wonderful week, and many thanks for your posts.

Karla Nathan

Diamond glaze? Or paper glaze? Yes, I know what you mean, Ellie, I
Love that stuff

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Loved the photos and the smooshing.... had to laugh at the ears on that cat in the last pic! not his/her cup pf tea to be 'bonded' with the pooch! what is modeling paste? sounds dumb probably.... but I'm loving the look!


What fun!! I love how the journals turned out! And that fairy frame was very special, too. I missed out on seeing Kecia when she was in CO -- too much going on that Saturday. I can tell I missed out!

Karla Nathan

You are right, the cross species bonding was barely tolerated.

Modeling paste is sold near the gesso and gel medium by the acrylic paints. Its a thick pasty, white stuff that dries thick. You could do the same thing with joint compound, but it is grayish

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Linda P.

I continue to love the dreamy effects you put on your photos!!!

That baby picture frame for your friend Angie! Love it. And the books are gorgeous.

You are obviously a very hospitable person. Oh, if I only lived closer. Maybe I would be invited to one of those special dinner/crafting extravaganzas. : )

Oh, and I love doggies. I bet I would bond with Twinkle if I got a little time with her. So sweet that Kecia gave her some special love.


I'm adoring every word and photo in this post -- and with more than a little envy for your crafty times and beautiful parties! Lucky friends to be so honored! The frame is the best. No, I just can't decide!


In every store I asked about diamond glaze, they looked at me like I was nuts. So, good ole google came to the rescue. Yes, that is what it is called. Will probably order on line.

Thanks for the info. I was beginning to think I didn't know what I was talking about.

Have a blessed and peaceful weekend.

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