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June 07, 2012


janette kroeger

October class

Louise @ Elsie May and Bertha

This journal you have made is a much better way to display youor photos than putting them in an ordinary phot album. I must create one for myself as I have loads of photos to display. Thanks again for the inspiration.


Of course it had to be a FAIRY bookcover, nothing else would do, lol. It turned out really great, must have been such a fun class. Love the collage you made with the same techniques when you got home as well.

Gypsy Rose

That's some scrapbook you got there girl! luv it! just precious. The cover is great. Am so looking forward to another tag swap.

Sheila R

What an incrediable scrapbook! Thanks for the wonderful chance at the gorgeous art collage.


Your book is so pretty! I love fairies and texture! Your wall hanging is so full of vintage beauty! I love your distressed edges and such. Just gorgeous!!

mercedes scott

Karla, your journal is fabulous... all those sweet pics and memories.... how fun it will be to sit down with the grandbabies to look at it together. Love the techniques with all the layers; please let us know about your little get-together in September - I'd love to come!

Karla Nathan

I think that this time, Ill do a larger book, not just tags!

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Gypsy Rose

A larger book would be awesome! Can't wait for the details.
Hope you are enjoying your getaway.

Kate garfield

I don't know who/what to look at first! The fun backgrounds or the family pics! Some great inspiring ideas,

Patty in Kansas

Karla, the page with the dorkies wearing the party hats is hilarious, and of course, the grandbabies are always adorable. The joint compound sounds intriguing...but scary! Patty in Kansas

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Love your scrapbook of all your wonderful photos and memories. I love how the book has a vintage feel. Gorgeous collage you are parting with. I would love a chance. I hope you post a tutorial of creating texture with joint compound. I am intrigued and would love to try it.


Linda P.

Slapping in photos as fast as you can--that's called gorilla scrapbooking? Ha ha! Love that. You are so talented that even the fast slapping in of photos turns out magnificently! The fairy cover is just gorgeous. Oh, and I'm still lovin' that collage you're giving away!


The textured journal is really nice- I love your painting of the fairy! I like all the compound added, as well, and also to the collage. Would like to hear more about the fall studio workshop! Thank you!

Erica H.

I haven't seen this type of scrapbooking before, but I LOVE it. It looks so quick and easy, but still incorporates the vintage items I like. I am soooo behind on my scrapbooking. I will have to give this a try and maybe catch up! Thanks for sharing. I'd love to see even more!


LOve your textured journal. Now I am inspired to do one too. Thanks!!!!

Karla Nathan

As soon as Beth and I come up with our Romantic Gothic Ghost projects, we will let everyone know, thanks for asking!

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lynn legge

i love all of the photos and momentos you have used.. the class sounds like such a fun one to attend and learn new techniques.. i am excited to be in the pool for a piece of artwork.. i so admire your style.. and that one picture of sugarwings and grandpa.. ohhh it touches my heartstrings.the photos that are not posed.. just caught.. in a moment of time :)
thank you for sharing.. and sending big ladybug hugs


What a terrific project -- I'm thinking that modeling paste is my favorite art plaything -- you can do such great stuff with it! Love the photo book -- so many fun projects. Oh, I do indeed want a break so I can play like you do! Is it really that good?

Kathy Uhrig

It is utterly astounding to me that you could make a book like that in such short order! I like that term "gorilla scrapbooking" and will try to remind myself of that when I go off over-thinking every little thing.

Karla Nathan

I think I was supposed to spell it guerrilla, though!

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hope | paperrelics

I love how your journal came out - and that I got to see it as you made it :) that was a great class!


It's so fantastic when you can stick to a project and finish like you did with your beautiful scrapbook. I am intrigued with your joint compound technique!

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