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July 14, 2012



Oh Karla! I just want to dive in and swim around. A THOUSAND square feet, you lucky ducky!! Thank you so much for sharing. I love all the inspriation!


Goodness I could spend hours in here looking at all the many details!! Always love looking at your beautiful space!

Would love for you to come by and visit my new creative space if you have a chance.

bee blessed


I never tire of seeing your studio, am quite sure I would never come out of it either! Rachael xo


Ohhhh Karla, this is so wonderful,
I need at least a month or so to see it all ...
it is so overwhelming.
It all looks so good and "warm".
Please do not throw anything on that beautiful painted bench,
while I'll be sleeping there the coming time :-).
And I loved your saying about that closest,
when you open the door ...... .
I love it all, all and all ......
and I thought I collected much in my studio ....... .
Karla, if you did not know already,
I love your studio.
I am going to make some tea
and will look around again.
Thank you so much.

Louise @ Elsie May and Bertha

I want to move in. You have so much lovely stuff and the way you have set it up is an artwork in itself. I'm especially jealous of your jewellery drawer. I'm making fabric cuffs and want to add bits of old jewellery to them but my local charity shops don't have much. We could do with having things like estate sales that you have in the States, we don't have anything like that here.
Thank you for the look around your lovely studio, it is inspiring. You photo of one of your fairy triptychs as given me the idea for my Father's birthday card that I need to make today, so thanks again. X


I have to let you know... in my cleaning up prior to taking pix for WBC, I had to tuck away one of your cuffs I had been working on! And the very first cuff I did of yours is featured!

You have a wonderful space ~ full of 'you', which is the very best kind of room!!


shari replogle

What a gorgeous space!
I think I would like to dive to those in those yummy vintage rhinestone filled trays :)


Hi, Karla -- not the first virtual visit to your studio, but the best and most comprehensive. I envy the space! Also the tidiness -- you are motivating me to clean up this mess of a studio here! With half my supplies up north, I'm a bit hand-tied and this will be a good time to do something I put off!

Karla Nathan

Its rarely this tidy!

Sent from my iPad

Karla Nathan

Life without estate sales and garage sales? At least you have flea markets, dont you?

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Oh how I love your studio! I could spend hours and hours just staring at all of the wonderful creations and doo dads!


WOW is an understatement to say the
least! That is quite a space and it's
given me "Creative Space Envy"!
Love all your jewels as well... and that
cute little dog!


Thanks for posting your beautiful studio again this year. It is lovlier than ever. You are such a inspiration in your use of pretty things and display. In the throes of cleaning our my mom's house and trying to really study and think about uses for things before passing on them. The space you have created is such a reflection of your creativity and you do such a generous thing by sharing it with your friends. Birdsong is always such a wonderful treat in my life. Thanks for the inspiration for us all. Linda in Topeka


I love it when you tell us how you store everything -- it inspires me!! I want to live in your studio.

Dean Designs

Such a Divine space. Some houses are not as large!!! You have so many beautiful things. Thanks for sharing!!


Doni Hall

It's so pretty! I think of it as a tour of vintage lovelies that would take hours and hours to peruse...making for a wonderful trip! Lots to love in there!
Especially loving those wallpaper drawers and boxes and peeks into the laces!!

Dawn Edmonson

Sweet Karla...what an absolute dreamland!!!! You are the MASTER of finding the most beautiful things to create with!!!! I just love each and every photograph ~ and that bling, I can't help myself over here, I'm drooling all over the place. What a wonderful studio that is worthy of your endless talent ~ thanks for taking so many pics, you know we love them!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Donna Ashton

Karla I just love it , 1000 sq feet is the size of my home lol . I am intrigued by the table that you covered with textured wall paper and painted. Would you kindly post a pic of it because i just need to see more of it. ? I am totally inspired by that idea. Thanks Donna


It looks like my favorite kind of room...that I need to go shopping in! Hahaha...I love it. Love how you surrounded the column and all those hutches, chests, old doors...my heart is swooning. And ok I may have drooled a bit! Love all the white, the storage boxes that are beautiful, and jars filled with beautiful goodness. It is all so wonderful. Thanks for cleaning and inviting us over. I feel like a neighbor that came by for a special visit!


I can't believe how much creative space you have! I'm jealous..but in a good way! You are an inspiration.....all of your pretty collected items...and creations....all your nooks and collections are so much fun to look at.

I love that you posted a ton of photos....what a great showcase. thanks for sharing.
hope you'll drop by to see my space..it's my first year joining in on all of the fun!

ciao bella
creative carmelina


Karla everything is looking really good. I am in love with that green teapot filled with brushes. Really...this is eye candy and then some. Love your studio. Love your work. Love your spirit. *smiles* Norma

Keli McKinley Hansen

Hello dolly!
The bling....ah!
Beautiful space


How beautiful Karla! I sure hope one day to come to one of your weekend retreats and play in that inspiring space!


Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Your studio is a magical and beautiful place. You have so many pretty things. Thanks so much for sharing.


Marilyn Krehbiel

Hi Karla,

Love all the pictures. What a lovely space.


Linda P.

I really loved the tour, Karla! I am in awe of the fact that you have almost 1,000 square feet of studio-liciousness! That is literally close to the size of my whole house! Looking at all these photos is like looking at an "I Spy" book. There is so much to see, and it is displayed so creatively.

I love how you say you have hats waiting to be "plucked"!

Can I run my fingers through all your jewelry? Only do be a dear and see that all brooch pin backs are securely fastened before I indulge. : ) The bling is gorgeous.

Oh, and I would have happily drooled over, I mean looked through all 200 of your photos if you had posted them all!!


That was PURE EYE CANDY!!! Eye Candy in its purest most potent form!!! I'm so inspired to find a corner in my basement and create a craft/blogging area for myself! Its spectacular, and I"ll have to come back again and again to look at all the details in the photos, just like that favourite magazine!! WELL DONE!!

Karla Nathan

When we bought our house it was under 900 sq ft, and we have remodeled many times. It still shocks me that I have this huge space of my very own now to work in!

Sent from my iPad

Do you love him Loretta (Arda)

Oh btw I started following you on Blog Lovin as I can never get the linky one to work for me!

nancy thompson

Ohhhhhhh how gorgeous in every way. Love it all!


Karla, Your space is magnificent! I can't believe all of the eye candy. Happy creating in such a fabulous environment! ~Marti


Karla... your studio is nothing more than AMAZING and I love seeing every little detail of your many collections. You have filled your space with such beautiful goodness, that I can't get enough of it. I think it deserves to be featured solo, in a special edition of Where Women Create magazine, or even in a book someday. Its one that I would definately buy that's for sure.. - Kim

Karla Nathan

Thank you Kim, actually Jo Packham had asked me a few times to be in that, but she hasnt ever done the story. Id be honored to be in it, I hope that it works out someday.

Sent from my iPad

Alexandra Eitel

You have a wonderful workspace! Thank you for sharing!


Oh, dear Karla, I drool over your studio. Your pictures and blurbs make me want to move right in. I'm so glad you took lots of close-ups. After personally lounging in your studio at Bird Song Two, this post is extra fun for me for me to visualize.

You are one of the sweetest and most genuine persons I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Thanks for sharing your studio. It is a true reflection of you. And that is the highest compliment anyone could ever receive from me.

Karla Nathan

Thanks, Marilyn, did you see lots of your wallpapers on display in my room?

Sent from my iPad


So inspirational!!! Oh, to have a studio someday!
Love every little thing, you do such a good job with space, containers, displays, etc.,have given me great ideas!

Kate garfield

Such fun, Karla! I'm always getting ideas of what to look for at yard sales and antique shops, from you!
Thanks for sharing all of that. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I can tell you are a master teacher by the
amazing work that comes out of your classes .
I want to be in your class for dress form if you
are planning to do it again.
Your studio is filled with delighted women
learning and making friends. I love all your
spaces. My stars even your bedroom is inspired
as a studio space!!! You have inspired me to
maybe teach a class on drawing butterflies.
This visit brought me to some major insights
about where I am going as a studio artist.
Pat beglin I would love you to visit my new blog.
yup I am a newbie thanks

Teah B.

I look so forward to seeing your slice of heaven each year. Thank you for your ongoing inspiration!

Karen Valentine

Karla your studio is always one of the highlights of the tour for me!! I always pay attention to how you have things set up because one of these days(or years) my studio will be moving into a much larger space in my home. I'm sure I will channel some of your creative energy when I start filling it up!! Thank you so much joining the party again!!!!!


OOOOOO MMMMYYYY GGGGOOOODDDDNNNNEEESSS!!! I love your studio.. It is so amazing.. I may steal some of you ideas of storage/displaying your amazing supplies. I can look at your photo's for hours.. and daydream.. The photos are so dreamy.. Thanks for sharing your CREATIVE space..

Tamatha Kaplan

Karla, your studio is so beautiful! I hope someday to come see it in person at Birdsong. Thanks for sharing!


Wow what an amazing space - it looks like its a whole house - lucky! Ok I gotta ask? How big is that wooden box you have with all that $ table bling? I almost fell off my chair. Thanks for sharing.


Karla Nathan

Thanks, Jenny. That table full of jewels is probably around three feet long or so.

Sent from my iPad


Can I PLEASE come and play in your room? Oh my gosh it is AWESOME - a dream studio. so BIG and packed with fabu treasures! Love that wallpaper at the top and that pile of bling...I am going back for a second tour - I am sure I missed a few things! Cheers.


Wow! The bling! The antiques! The SPACE! Awesome...thanks for all the drool-worthy photos!


Wow - your space is AWESOME! I know you said your post was a long one - but it was sooooo worth it. Thanks for sharing and letting us peek into your wonderland of goodies. I am a new follower and will be back to see all of your creations.

Take care and keep creating!

Elaine L.

Karla, I love all the closeup photographs. And, wow, 1000sq feet! Was this room originally added to be your studio? It's amazing!


Karla I love visiting your creative space...it is just beautiful and filled with so much eye candy! love all the bling too! Just beautiful!

Karla Nathan

Yes, we built this addition because we needed an apartment for our son, who is developmentally delayed. My husband also works from home, so we decided to add work spaces for us both while remodeling. So, downstairs is my studio and garage, above that is my husbands office and our sons place.

Sent from my iPad

Curtains in my tree


of course I have seen your stuido before on your different post when you have a girl party
it makes me realize I am keeping all my treasures
I have been feeling over whelmed lately with so much
nothing compared to your treasures
what made my heart beat fast was all your jewelry the rhinestones OMG


also your little doggies so cute
i just adopted a stray cat she loves me , named her Shirley , Lavern & Shirley was on when I was trying to
name her LOL


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

I always enjoy coming by your studio, Karla! I remember when I first saw it, I started dreaming of my own! With our move I finally got a small room from my space in the garage at the old house. I love all the details and personality you have in here. That bed/bench is wonderful! How nice that it was a collaboration with your son.


Oh to spend a day in your studio Karla would be akin to Heaven!!!

Rita Barakat

Wow what a wonderful space - I went over it three times already! So many gorgeous and wonderful things to look at!!I have just about got everything in it's place in mine, now for the decorating! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kristi S.

Oh wow! I am in awe of your space! When can I come and play? I totally want to rummage through that delightful drawer of vintage jewels! Thank you for sharing your wonderful treasures!

Jennifer Hayslip

Why hasn't your studio been featured in WWC? It's LONG overdue!! Your studio is beyond amazing! Just draw dropping and full of the best craft items and pretties a girl could EVER
dream for!!! :))) xo,Jenn

Kate P.

Our craft rooms couldn't be more different but our philosophies are rather similar - no such thing as too much sparkle lol! What an amazing room - I could go shopping in there :O)

Helena White

What a simply lovely studio! Thank you for the tour ♥ ஆ

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