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July 17, 2012



Karla you spend such precious times with Sugarwings! What wonderful memories you are making
with her :) Ohhhhh I don't like chiggers ~ they itch like craziness!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Janet Ghio

I love the veil!!

Kathy Cabble

Not this but that. I thought that I remembered you saying that you were going to look into a Flicker group so that we could share our fairy pages as they were done. Have you done it yet and I missed it somehow?

Karla Nathan

She made it herself!

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Sugarwings sure is a beautiful child and I love the pictures you take of her (the way you process them).

Karla Nathan

Thanks, we think shes a beauty! I use picmonkey now for photos, at first I was broken hearted that picnik closed, but this replacement is even better!

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Beautiful bride - and sweet feathered guest!
I was going to say we put bug stuff around our ankles & don't get chigger bites, but then I saw that you already do this. Will be interesting to see the Guinea fowl when you get them. I wonder what the Rhode Island Reds will think of them?!

Oh,don't ever worry that people won't want to see photos of your studio!!! Always enjoy the tour!


What a pretty bride, and yard for a wedding. Sugarwing's (and Dewdrop's) eyes are so hauntingly beautiful. Your photos are wonderful; what keepsakes.

You are all so lucky to have and enjoy such a close relationship. Believe me, your girls' experiences will be forever etched in their minds.

Linda P.

Sugarwings is a gorgeous little bride, and what a sweet little feathered guest. Do the hens enjoy being held?

I don't think I'd ever tire of virtual tours of your studio! There is so much to see, and it is so romantically beautiful that it just makes me imagine I am there and how much I'd love it.

The vine-covered archway looks like a nice place to get some shade. I see Twinkle thinks so, too.

Loved the peek at Dewdrop. : )

Karla Nathan

Thanks, Linda. Yep the red hens honestly seem to enjoy being held, when it is on their own terms. They get upset if chased, but if we crouch down they sometimes walk right into our arms!

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Karla Nathan

No, I havent started one, but I will if people want to use it. In past swaps, its been nice to see all the pictures together.

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Oh, those chiggers you were scaring us about when we were there! I'm bummed the birds haven't found them tasty, and I hope you find some birds that do! I am sooooo allergic to bug bites that I would be suffering, too! Your girls are so cute! I'm glad it cooled off enough for you to play outdoors!

Elaine L.

This has been a rough week for me, but your blog always cheers me up. You are the absolute best grandma!


Sharon Penney-Morrison

Karla, try Skin So soft on their legs.
Chiggers bite me even on concrete, so I smear
the oil on my feet and legs. Just a thought.


Karla - you might try essential oils like lavender, maybe peppermint. Google "natural repellent for chiggers" and you'll find some things like that.
I do know that the Skin so Soft mentioned by Sharon keeps the mosquitos away - I don't really know anything about chiggers.

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