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July 23, 2012



Yeah! Karla! You go girl!!!

Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

oh....you have more then I could handle in one day!! We have all the nature critters scurry through our yard after sundown and if I leave any cat food outside, well, they go crazy over it. The cats hide.
You handled yourself well...even telling a family member what you thought. Now they know where you stand. Good job.


life aye Karla, some days are like that, good to see the good things though and breaking a bed after 30 years of marriage is awesome ;-) lol Rachael xo


Karla... how many times do we all have days like that. The sight of running in nightgown,heels and large pink shovel... priceless! That alone should give you a giggle. Not while in the moment, but afterwards. Well, as they say.... "tomorrow is another day!" And bring out the drawl when you say it, missy!! LOL

Janet Ghio

I love the photo of Sugarwings with the chicken--priceless! This heat is really getting OLD! It was 93 at 10 o'clock last night--UGH! I think they said on the weather last night that we have had twenty some days of over 100. Thanks for the list of the good things that happened--it's hard to come up with anything when the heat is all consuming!!

Karla Nathan

Just when I think I am adjusting to this heat, and start to ignore it to be outside any way, it zaps me. Im totally exhausted at the end of the day from it. But gosh, I cant become a shut in! I love to be outside.

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Tish Poter

Karla I don't know how you are coping with that heat !! 107 is awful !! I read your blog ever morning before I start my day . You always have something that makes me smile !! The picture of sugar wings and the chicken is adorable . I have 5 Buff Orpingtons and I just love them. I like the sprinkler idea to help them cool off . I could just see you chasing that critter !! lol you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes . Even if it means doing it in our jammies .haha

Tara Caveness

Way to look at the glass HALF FULL Karla! I'm sure today will be better but cheers for looking at the positive.


Ah, thank you for the pep talk! That was QUITE the day!! My favorite part was feeling Twinkle's puppies!


Hugs to you Karla.....the whole time I was reading about your day I kept thinking about Sugar Wings holding the chicken the was she was with total adoration. It's funny how little things like that bring tears to my eyes, the innoscense of it all.

i wish I lived closer ....I would visit you and your grandchildren and chickens. I would also put dibs one one of Twinkle's puppies :o)


Not to mention how cute those chicken-snuggling pictures are! I'm glad you were able to see the bright side.


Oh,my, what a day! But how could it not end well with all your love and good humor, not to mention energy, wafting over your household?!


what a precious picture of Sugarwings with the chicken...truely what life is about

Linda P.

I continue to LOVE pictures of hens and Sugarwings together!

Thank you for sharing your day of ups and downs, Karla, and thank you for reminding us to look for the "ups" in a day that seems to be so overshadowed by "downs." I am so sorry for the stressful things that happened, but I must admit that the positive things you wrote really warmed my heart. : )

Folk Heart

OMG...you blow me away and knock my socks off! You have no idea what an inspiration you are to me. Truly!


You did mean these were the events of the week, right? And not just one 24 hour day. I mean, because, that would not be survivable. It makes my heart sing to hear how you appreciate the moments with your wing-gal, SugarWings. Every grandparent (aunt, et al) should savor the moments.

Freda Butler

Sorry to read about your day but sounds like you came out on top of it. I would have run with Sugarwings for those roses for 5.00. I can't wait to see the puppies. wonderful.



ps - I have a loaf of bread rising on the stove right now. Only 96 degrees here today.


I know this is old but this is simply very darling and just too friggin' SWEET for words!
Thank you so much for sharing.
Seriously, there needs to be more people like you in this world...

Karla Nathan

Thank you, Brandi, for the kind words and for pointing out this post again, I enjoyed re-reading it two years later, and remembering that day.

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