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August 18, 2012


Louise @ Elsie May and Bertha

This is a lovely idea. I have lots of crochet mats, so I think I'll have a go. They would look nice with some frosty pastel coloured baubles and a sprinkling of glitter for Christmas.


What a great idea! My grandma had some saucer-shaped ones with the edges turned up - I'm pretty sure she used starch because she starched everything else. I'm going to try the glue ones - how great for Christmas and gift-giving. Thanks for the tutorial!

Linda P.

I love these, Karla, and you did such a great job explaining how to make them. The basket with the raven is really pretty!

Have a great time at your reunion! You have been quite the traveler this summer. : )


I have tons of crocheted doilies and this is a perfect project for some of them! I can just see them with glass jars & votives in them. You always have such great ideas.

Thanks & hugs, Edie & Marie


These baskets amazing! have done this before with cheesecloth, never thought of doilies, almost done with my Faerie pages, yours are outstanding, can't wait to see all of them together, good luck with Twinkle, and Happy Birthday to Sugarwings!!!!

Karla Nathan

Oh cheesecloth would be cool too! Im thinking about using that to make some ghosts for Halloween.

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Karla Nathan

I think starch doilies were done quite a bit. I know Ive bought some that were still holding up well. I hope the glue idea works and lasts as well.

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nancy thompson

Thanks Karla...they look so lovely! I would just love to win one! I have tried this before with starch...and it is tricky...using the glue sounds easier...and hey...Elmers is on sale everywhere now. You have inspired me once again!
Thank you !
Any puppies yet?

Deborah aka Miss Bee

I keep looking on FB to see if Twinkle had her babies...hope all is well with her.

Love this little baskets! I would love to have one!

Have fun with you family and next time you come to Raleigh, let me know!


Sharon Penney-Morrison

I love the baskets and would love to win one. Muslin would be a great idea!!!
Puppies? Have fun on your trip.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Oh Karla these are so pretty! I would love to enter your drawing for one. Have fun at the reunion.


Kate G.

These doily vases are very pretty! I'd like one! Then I can make some for Christmas gifts. I think I'd put some little flowers on them, too.
Love your work, Karla
I hope you're having a great time in Indiana.

Christine N

Your doily cups are so sweet. Your sissy probably used starch so it could be washed out and turned back into the doily. I've got a whole bag of doilies I found at a thrift store awhile back that I'm going to try this on!!!


I have so many of these and wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them. Now I Know !!! Thanks Karla for such a great idea. They are just so pretty !!!

Karla Nathan

Oh, its not just my idea, I cant take credit!

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Karla Nathan

No puppies yet!

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Karla Nathan

Elmersis a quarter a bottle at Walmart this week!

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Oh my gosh, I have been collecting doilies for a while and just haven't thought of what to do with them. I forgot about doing this till now! Thanks so much for the reminder of such a fun project!

Julie jones

Karla, I know every time I check your blog I will learn something new! Today was a bonus, giveaway too! Put my name in the basket for a chance please. .have a great reunion trip. Julie

Kimberly Budash

Would love to win one of these doily cups, so beautiful. I was actually looking to see if the puppies were here yet,but since I'm here, I might as well put my name in the hat!! Thanks for a chance to win something lovely....


Please add my name to your give-away Karla :o) I would love to win one of these beautiful doiley pots ! Sue

Robin Carr

Those are really lovely Karla. Hope all goes well with the puppies.

Patty in Kansas

Karla...what a treat to meet you today at that neat antique shop! Hope the puppies come soon for your little yorkie's sake! Please add my name to the giveaway contest. Love the doily baskets; very pretty. Patty in Kansas


I know I'm older than you girls, but I seem to remember ions ago doilies were stiffened with a sugar mixture. Love the doily pots.

mercedes scott

Karla, your doily "pots" bring back memories...there were one of the first "craft" projects I did with my dearest mother-in-law (in the 1980's we used Stiffy Bow). Have fun at your reunion (any pups yet?)

laurie may

I forgot about this cute idea. I would love to win!!!


Thank you for the chance to win. I am so happy to have found your blog and would be beyond thrilled to own one of your creations as everything you make is so lovely. Hope you are having a good weekend at your family reunion! Thank you again for the chance to win!

Do you love him Loretta (Arda)

They look like they would make great Romantic Ghosts too!


I have had this idea in my inspiration file for ages and still have yet to get to it. Your baskets have turned out so pretty .

Linda McMillin

put my name in for the drawing please. i'm going to try this myself, good idea.

Suzanne Wingfield

So now I know exactly what I am going to do with all those lovely vintage doilies that I have collected over the years. Thanks for the mini-tutorial, Karla.


Karla these are so retro - I remember my Nan making them! I'd love to win, so throw my name in the hat.

Just finished my paged for the swap - I'll be sending them shortly.


Misses Peach

OH MY GOODNESS is there no end to your amazing creativity? I would adore a chance to be in your drawing.
I mailed off my Fairy Books oages to you today so I pray they arrive safe and sound....
Hugs Karla


Karla, this is fun and a great idea! Couldn't resist throwing my name into your ever-increasing pile! (And congrats on the pups!)


Karla- I am getting lost on your blog for hours! Love everything I see.
I remember this idea from my younger days.

Freda Butler

My MIL was a beautiful crocheter and she used to making these baskets. If I remember right she used a sugar/water
mixture for stiffness. I never did get one but have a beautiful tablecloth she made for my dining rom table.

Would love the chance to win one. If not, I will hunt out some old doilies and give it a try.



Tara Caveness

I have to admit I'm just wanting to comment on your sweet little grandaughters! "Sugarwings" looks so much like you! It seems like a really special 6th birthday. Also, I was wondering if the puppies were there yet? Best of luck for a healthy litter!! Never a dull moment at your house huh?! haha Tara

Margie Staniszeski

Karla, What a beautiful creation with the doilies! I love them and would of course, LOVE to win one! I have a few vintage doilies that I might have to try this with. They are sooo pretty! Thanks for the inspiration once again. hugs


It seems like a hundred years since I entered one of your giveaways. I have a pile of doilies and am going to give this a try. Thanks Karla for all you do. You are like an old friend I visit almost everyday.


Every day you inspire me!

Dawn Gahan

Loved the family reunion pictures. Your little touches added such heart to it all!

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