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September 18, 2012



Karla, I'm glad you shared it. I think a lot of us wondered and not necessarily because our work isn't good but just because we all have different styles or tastes and things like that are bound to end up in any book -- not meaning it isn't good, just not someone's style. Sometimes we work out of our comfort zones or try new techniques, too. Any one of a number of reasons that we'd all wonder.

I'm distressed she was so vocal about it. And so harsh. But it was important that you share this -- partly for her and partly for general good swap etiquette for new swappers.

I'm so excited for my book to come -- I can hardly wait!

Stephanie O.

Please...you have no need to apologize or second guess how you handled the situation. From the conversations we have had (both in person and in writing) I, like everyone else, knows you are a kind person who doesn't like to see people hurt.

Therefore, you spoke out in kindess--not anger (which would have been SO easy to have done)--and that is a good lesson for not just the upset swapper but for all of us to remember when we are put in not so pleasant conversations or circumstances....


Thank you, Karla, for standing up to what you thought was right. Being born and raised in the South,I was brought up to be gracious in receiving gifts. I am appalled that someone would be ANGRY about receiving a handmade piece of art. It's hard for me not to judge but that person has a lot of growing up to do. (She is no lady.) The book you made for me was delightful, beautiful and full of new techniques and ideas I can't wait to try. Thank you so much for all the effort you went to to make this swap a success! Don't let this person ruin an overall wonderful experience.

Melissa Test

Karla, I did not even join this swap and I am glad you spoke out to keep the person from naming names...I would not like to see a persons creative drive be ruined b/c of one opinion. I think there are many different artistic skill levels and everyone should be proud. Instead of criticizing another's work maybe we should support it. Encourage and appreciate the hard work that is put into every piece of art. I always thought art was subjective and that what one person loves another may not but if it is done with love and hard work than that is to be respected...Now I am rambling...Just let me finish with I wish it had not been destroyed...I would have said,"Send it to me if you are not open enough to appreciate the piece".

Robin Carr

I think that anyone who makes something and shares it with someone is at least a little insecure about whether the person will like it or not. I was surprised that so many people assumed it was their page. We, as crafters and artists, are really insecure about our abilities and the worth of our work and something like that happening really brings it out. I think it was good that you mentioned it so we all will think hard about being gracious when receiving something someone went to the trouble to make. I can't wait to get my book and I will be very happy with the pages. I haven't seen a single picture of a page that I wouldn't want. Thanks again for the swap and don't be discouraged by people who are unhappy and want to share it with others!

Karla Nathan

Funny, the range of artists who were afraid it was their page was from experienced pros to beginners. Few were safe from the nagging doubt that the abused piece of work was their own!

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Melissa Test

Like I said it's subjective...Even Andy Warhol, Normal Rockwell, Monet and Picasso have people who live their work and others who do not....

Karla Nathan

Too true!

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Linda P.

Karla, I think this experience was a good reminder to us all to respect the individual tastes and the different levels of experience of all artists when we are involved in a swap! There are so many things to learn and to appreciate from each other's art.

I love taking out my faerie book and looking at it. I find that here are new things I notice, appreciate, and think about each time! : )

Linda McMillin

it was an amazing swap and i wanted every book i saw! i am very happy with my book and can't stop looking at it. i think you did right and certainly would have been wrong to post on her blog or facebook-can't believe she would consider it. who ever did the page-no reflection on them or their work-her problem not theirs.

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