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September 25, 2012


carol p

You go girl, i can totally relate! Post picturs of the broom i bet it will be awesome!!!! hehe


I LOVE that witches hat! Your are sooo creative!!! And yessss, plz post pics of your broom. I know its going to be amazing!!!! have a nice day.

Karla Nathan

Im trying to stop myself from covering the broom....

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I think you need a maid. And a cook. And possibly a chauffeur. Oh, and a nanny.

Louise Oakes

If you don't do it when you think of it the idea could have disappeared later :-). Love the witch's hat.

Linda McMillin

love the decor. better get out the glimmer mist and coke-i don't think she will ride any ol broom.


So funnny...and true. I clean my barn everyday; it takes about 20 mins is all, but do you think I would even CONSIDER 20 mins of vaccuuming or dusting everyday? Heck, no. When I do resolve to get to the cobwebs, any little thing can distract my attention. I see I'm not the only one.

Linda P.

I have been seeing a certain saying on Pinterest as of late, and I must say that it applies to me, and perhaps it might to you as well . . . .

"I get more cleaning done in the 10 minutes before someone comes over than I do in a week." Ha!

Your decorations are so pretty! Keep creating, and throw a bit of tidying in here and there just to quiet those "get to cleanin'!" voices in your head that are trying to spoil your fun! ; )

Andrea Villarreal

I forgot the password Karla! Would love to take a look again for some Craft for A Cure inspiration decor:)


oh I LOVE the witch hat!

mercedes scott

Karla, the way you "clean" and organize sounds abit like me - I get sidetracked often! Love all the touches you've put on the ladies and the dressform.... but I do think you need to do something with that broom... haha Have fun!

Karla Nathan

The only way I can stand to do a good cleaning is to rearrange as I go, to make it more interesting!

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Karla Nathan

Thanks, its a very simple thing to make. I should whip up more.

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LOL! I can't wait to come and join the fun!!


Well, that hat is a stunner! I tried organizing yesterday -- and it looks worse than when I started! I realized it's never a one-day deal!



LOVE the with hat! Yes, yes, you MUST have papered broom! I love that you answer the call to creativity whenever it whispers.


Everything looks lovely! Can hardly wait to see your "new" broom - after it's decorated! Will it still sweep or will it just want to be admired?!


You sound like me, I feel so much better about my ADD!!! Anything to keep from cleaning...I relate to!You things are beautiful! m looking forward to doing the Romantic White Christmas Workshop! Thanks so much for making these projects available to us!

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