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September 21, 2012


Janet Ghio

I love seeing photos of the puppies--so cute!! and Twinkle is looking good too. Never thought of making a coleus bouquet--the leaves are so beautiful.

Karla Nathan

The leaves are making a beautiful bouquet. Actually, three, the garden center let us take all we wanted.

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Oh...puppies make me happy.

Carol Pohl

Puppies, so sweet, thank you for sharing.

the tree stumps look great, a lot of people in my neighborhood, dig out the center and plant right in the stump, looks great and in North Denver (as well as other areas) they leave the whole tree and carve it into somthing amazing, dragons, bears, anything you can think of, they are truly beautiful!

Karen Bailey

Dear Karla,
your puppies are just so cute. If I were you and since you have decided never to breed again, I think I would keep as many of them as you can ~ just like you said you never know and one day you might be sorry. And I also think the best place for them is with their Mama and YOU!!!!
Keep us posted!!
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Karla Nathan

It sure is tempting to keep them all! Im trying to convince close friends and family to take them so Ill see them around!

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Linda P.

I love your description of how the fur babes jump around like burnt popcorn when you call out "puppies"! I can just picture that.

The whiskey barrels on the stumps are looking good!

How nice that you gave those caladium leaves a second life! They are really pretty and just match that tablecloth.

Patty in Kansas

Karla...when our precious little Yorkie had four puppies while we were living overseas in Germany, I came up with the idea to put their food into cupcake pans, and that way, they each had their own little "dish" and didn't seem to want to climb in as they did with one big bowl. Put the food in every other cupcake mold...it gives the puppies plenty of room to eat, and the pans are sturdy enough that they don't tip easily. Hope this helps you. Patty in Kansas

Karla Nathan

Oh patty, can you hear me squeal all the way in atchinson? Im so thrilled with that idea, how perfect! Thanks so much. It is just ideal for theses guys! Its time for breakfast now, Im going to go and get a cup cake pan for them.

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Linda McMillin

so adorable, i love seeing how they are doing. good photos of them.


Such cute puppies! Love the cupcake pan idea for their food. How about Dottie Rose?


As the nickname, I meant, for Dorothy Rosebud!


Oh Karla those puppies are so precious and your planters are gorgeous!

Karla Nathan

I like Dottie for a dorothy nickname, I think it might stick.

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