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September 19, 2012


Linda P.

Beautiful, loving photos, Karla! I hope at least a couple of these get framed! Puppeesh. I love that.

So the little fur babies actually deliberately go to the pads to pee? They have learned this at their tender age? Wowza, you are one lucky lady, if that is the case! It would certainly make life easier.

A couple at our church had a 3-month-old yorkie pup with them the other day, and I got to pet him. Sweeeeeet little guy. And of course my mind went directly to you!


wow..nothing like puppy pictures to make you realize how quickly time flies by...adorable pictures

Karla Nathan

It seems like they change by the hour.

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Awww she is really getting to be a big BEAUTIFUL girl. She looks so sweet with the fairy outfit and sitting on her Pop's lap.

Can't wait to get my book. I have to tell you that Charlotte rec'd one of my pages and took the time to tell me how much she loved it. Your swaps are wonderful and I've made new friends with each one. Thanks for all the time and energy you put into them!

Hope that you are getting some cooler fall weather and that you catch "that darned cat" soon.


Karla Nathan

Yes its a natural instinct to not mess their bed, so if you provide them enough space, they will walk away from the bedding and pee on the pads. As they get bigger, I remove some of the pads, then they will use the remaining ones and the rest of the space is for playing.

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Oh pupeesh are getting little faces. I'm just melting looking at Ara and her pupeesh.


Those pictures put a smile on my face!

Sharon Penney-Morrison

I love the pictures and the pups are growing.
I want to see them soon. hugs

Tara Caveness

Those puppies are precious! I would want to keep them all and that is probably why my husband doesn't want me to breed! haha Dewdrop is simply gorgeous! Those piercing baby blues obviously run in your family! So sweet seeing babies grow up with babies and learning gentleness at a young age.

Kate G.

Grankids are the best and she's just adorable! What great memories you are making for all of you. Also, I can't resist a puppy... ahhhhhhh!


They are so adorable!! Am I confused, I thought Dew Drop and her parents and siblings were living in a yurt? I apologize if I am mistaken. I've actually been really curious about life in the yurt and kept hoping you'd do a post about it!

Karla Nathan

They were in a yurt. They were caretakers at a church camp for six months and lived in the woods there. But Dewdrops mom enrolled at KU and they had to move to town so she could go to school.

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Elaine LaMonk

Karla, If one didn't know otherwise, I would think she Dew Drop resembles grandpa.



So sweet! Glad that they are all doing well!! Dewdrop is getting so big and so sweet, She will really be a stunner when she gets longer hair. Jen didn't have much till she was two.
At her 2nd birthday I could finally put her hair in pigtails. Can't wait to see the pups when we are in KC. I'd like to know when would be a good time or day to come to see you. I'm leaving SA on October 9th.


Fabulous faces, each and every one!

My book arrived! It came today -- it was a work 12-hour day and so it was extra joyful to have it waiting for me as a special, well-earned treat! As I always am with your swaps, each and every page (including the fabulous cover and endpage!) are amazing -- all different, all lovely, all using so many different materials, techniques and graphics, it made my head spin! Thank you, Karla, for pulling the swap together and also to all my pagemakers. If you left your email address or blog on the card, you'll hear from me!

Karla Nathan

There is nothing like a package full of pretty waiting at the end of a rough day! I miss all the boxes and envelopes arriving here. Im afraid Ive been on a little bit of an eBay binge, so more packages will come! I needed some supplies for kits and went a little over board. But, man, boxes on the porch are just like Christmas!

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Linda McMillin

that lucky puppy will have a good home with Dewdrop. She is a cutie!

Paula Kay

What a great photo grouping. Dewdrop & puppies ~~ it doesn't get any better:)

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