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September 16, 2012


Debra Ganas

Wow,Karla, You do lead a very adventurous life! And to think we thought it was all lace and fairies at your place.
And the Art work by Gunkle Randy is priceless!
I hope that bob cat is trapped very soon.So the pups, chicks, kitties and fairy grandbabies will be safe once again.



Oh how scary to realize that big cat was roaming around the property with all your littles out there! Good luck - I hope this adventure is over very soon!

Sharon Penney-Morrison

I guess Sandy will have to sit on your porch with a shot gun and watch for the critter.


Good grief, Karla -- that's a little creepy with the pips and babies and all around. I hope he/she/it doesn't have friends...


Ugh, that is crazy that he has a play area...I hope Trapper Tom will give you some pointers about how to make the play area cat-unfriendly! Like ammonia!

Karla Nathan

This summer was so not that we didnt spend much time in the woods, so it probably had little human scent going on back there. Apparently all of the whirly gigs and ribbons dont work as scarecrows to keep predators away!

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Linda P.

I'm sorry this whole "where is that big cat?" thing has been hanging over your head for so long without resolution. I know that has to be unsettling. That was very strange to see that the big cat actually has a play area--stocked with stolen playthings!!!

Tara Caveness

Yikes!!! We live on a 32 acre "mountain" farm and battle big cats, bears, and those nasty raccoons. They are such a pain and they are so... mean. Have you seen the stories about attacks on people by them?! I've heard that critters don't like the smell of ammonia so you may want to put some in the big cat's play area. Good luck and be safe with all your babies...


Enjoyed reading your story about the Giant Cat, but I am glad that I don't like where you do to have that kind of action in my life.
Thanks for sharing
Happy New Year

Karla Nathan

Luckily, we havent seen him back again!

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