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September 04, 2012



She is such a wee treasure! And still able to do her supermodel posing even with all those babies! Suck eggs to the negative person, anyone can see how you treat your fur babies and their babies! xo

Judi Storm

Well said.



They puppies are so adorable!

I am so sorry about the negative comment, obviously that person can't be a regular reader of your blog and know your great love and tender care of your pet family. People are always going to have an opinion and my opinion is that you are a responsible, loving, dedicated care giver to your darling dorkies, as you have pet named them. You are NOT running a puppy mill but providing families with healthy, happy, well cared for pets. Many people do prefer certain breeds of pets and anyone would be very lucky to get one of your puppies who had such a great start in life.


Too bad you had to explain all that, people need to mind their own business!
Your pups are so darn cute! karen....


Love those precious bundles! You're doing such a good job being Twinkles caretaker! And I read the post at the end..... knowing the caring person that you are, I know that you only have the best interests at heart. It must be hard receiving a negative comment but you handled it with grace.

Karla Nathan

Thanks, Sandy. I also believe in spaying and neutering but I also believe that people have the right to select a specific kind of puppy if they want one. I adopt from the pound also, weve picked out many dogs and cats there over our lifetime. All were fixed. But when I fell in love with a friends little Yorkies, I had to have one!

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Hannah's Treasures Vintage Wallpaper

Sweet puppies! I look forward to more pictures when they start playing. :)


I am appalled that you had to explain your babies to the complainer. Anybody who reads your blog (like me) knows all these things about you and sweet Twinkle and the babies. I am enjoying every minute of this "documentation" of adorableness!! Keep it coming!!!


I ADORE that first photo of Twinkle with her puppies! So, so cute and I can't wait to meet them. Counting down!!

Sharon Penney-Morrison

rock on sista!!!!! Anyone who knows you, would not criticize the love you have for these puppies, and the fact you breed Twinkle.
It is a shame that negativity is a part of the human race.

The puppies are precious and I can't wait to see them in person. I hope there is one with my name on it....

Tara Caveness

The puppies and Twinkle are blessed to have such a responsible owner in you Karla. I can't express how much a loving home impacts puppies and their ability to grow into wonderful pets. It is ashame that our society or a crabby few have come to believe that a loving start counts for nothing huh? I'm looking forward to seeing more pics of your chubby little pups as they grow. Thanks for sharing! Tara

nancy thompson

Blessings and hugs to Twinkle, her beautiful babies...and to you.

Linda P.

Very interesting info about the puppies liking the milk warmer! I like the picture where one of the pups appears to be standing on his head, tail straight up in the air! Poor little guy! I guess it would be hard to feel your way around that many furry siblings! Little tumbles are probably pretty common! I love seeing pictures of them. Keep 'em comin'!


Good grief. Someone complained TO YOU about breeding Twinkle? I do have a recent experience that sort of relates. My BFF has been fostering cats this summer. There are SO MANY cats/kittens without homes. She fostered 2 kitty sisters that came to her when they were 3 weeks old. Almost immediately my friend decided these kittens were for me...and I didn't know I was even interested in getting kittens! These kittens are SOCIALIZED and nothing like most of the other cats I've had. They were raised in a loving home with lots of people time, therefore they love people. Now I know to look for home raised background in any future pet I adopt.

Linda McMillin

9 puppies is alot of work and alot of fun! nice to see the pictures of them. jackpot on your thrifting-beautiful.

Cindy Is Crafty

Karla, Apparently the commenter has never read your blog regularly or would not have made such a comment. There is an expression and forgive me for it, but "some people would bi*ch if they were hung with a new rope!" Keep the puppy pics coming and have as many as have loving homes to go to!

Karla Nathan

Handling the babies makes a huge difference in their attitudes. I work hard to hold all the puppies every day, and to make sure that lots of people hold them not just me. I will be throwing some puppy parties where my friends bring their kids over to play with the pups too. They need exposure to men, and to lots of kids, plus rides in cars and time to play in the grass. It all builds a good attitude.

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Karla Nathan

Isnt that hilarious? That little guy was summer salting thought he pile of pups!

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Patty in Kansas

Karla....wonderful response to the naysayer...most of us who follow your blog KNOW how well your little dog babies are treated. All dogs should be so lucky! Had so much fun meeting you in person...you are just as sweet as I thought you'd be! Kiss those puppies and Twinkle, too. Patty in Kansas


Love these bundles of joy :) You are doing a great job...what a handfull though :)

jeanine mayden

o karla, i am so sorry someone had something rotten to say because you are the best dog lover around. i am so glad for people like you becuase i have always at least one dog i rescue and then as a bonus i love YORKIES and i don't want to get them from a puppy mill so when a family decides to breed every now and then i see nothing wrong with it. i am just waiting for the day i can get one of your pups. my bailey is a golden retriever/lab mix and he is wonderful. i rescued him when he was about 3 and have had him for 5 yrs. my button is a yorkie i got 3 yrs ago from a family just like you. he is healthy and sweet. they had children and socialized him immediately so he is wonderful with kids. bailey is too but not so healthy. i have spent more on him in medical and food than any pure breed. so there. thank you for sharing and God bless you and those dogs!!!! hope you catch the cat soon. lol

Margie Staniszeski

Well said, Karla! Most people would prefer a pet coming from a good family like yours. The pups in pet shops are the ones that come from puppy mills for goodness sake, not from a warm, caring and loving home, where pups can get a perfect start in life. Shelters are full of ill-bred, sickly puppies from the disgusting mills but ALL good breeders will always take back their own pups if the new home doesn't work out, therefore, 'our pups' are not filling up the shelters. I think your 9 babies are precious and perfect! Good for you for providing a GOOD healthy and happy puppy for deserving families! hugs xxx


I have been a loyal follower of your blog and I have watched your puppies grow and grow with LOVE!! Anyone who questions you on your puppies does not know you and quite frankly may just be jealous of you!!!! If I lived near you, I'd be getting me one of those treasured babies!!!! Yorkies are my fave breed! And, I would rather get one of your babies that have been loved and nurtured than to go to a puppy mill or pet store... Those are the people that this person should be talking to NOT YOU!! ONe a positive note.. I love the puppies pics! they are darling!!! =)

Kate G.

Soooooooooooo cute!

Don't worry about naysayers, Karla. They will always be there.

I just love your little puppies. I have no doubt you and your family will take great care of them.

Enjoy them for me, too!

Denise Foor

I love your puppies! Dogs bring so much joy to our lives. What a little sweetheart you have....enjoy them and take more pictures!


Karla, the pups are adorable and I am glad Twink enjoys being a mother. 9 is a lot for any dog, regardless of size. She is lucky to have such a wonderful caring home and family to help out.

You do not need to explain yourself or your actions to anyone. You did so with class and gentility.

Someone who cares about animals as much as you do has to be a little heartbroken every time the babies leave.

Thank you for sharing them with us.

Terri Gordon

Oh Karla, these babies are just so sweet, what a wonderful Mom too and you taking such good care of these babies. I love seeing posts about them, they do not look like their Mom now and it will be fun seeing them grow, I bet your grand girls love them. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

Tracy at Madison Manor

I know what your going through and at least your on the down hill slope, keeping everything clean, keeping everyone fed, it's so much work and even just worrying about a whelping Mom could send right over the deep end. We had nine too, and Momma couldn't do it all so we had to step in, and I have to say in the end those were just the best pets anyone could of asked for(Labs). Soon you'll be able to mix the formula with kibble and their weight will really take off after that starts. And also prepare when those sweet things have to leave, it's hard and every adoptive family can't all be your favorites. Prayers of strength your way, Tracy

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