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November 17, 2012


Louise Oakes

I'm a homebody too. I have to stop myself from thinking what home time/craft time I'll 'lose' by going somewhere. I'm happy just to pootle about the house making, cooking, watching tv, reading, with my husband and two cats for company.

Sheila R

I too am a homebody! Every chance I get that is where I want to be. Wishing you a great time away and can't wait to see you in a few weeks at Shine!

Linda P.

I so do understand the draw of being at home!!! My hubby loves road trips (cough cough), but I'd much rather stay home! I do indulge him at times, and he definitely indulges my love of home, so it does work out!

I relate to trying to soak up all the festivities you can. Sometimes I have to scold myself for sadly contemplating that the holiday season will be over far too soon. I start feeling this way sometimes before the season has even begun! I need to give myself a talking to about just enjoying it while it is here, and not dwelling on its all-too-soon ending! Silly me.

I know you miss your little pups. Last night I was at a friend's. She has a precious little pomeranian who loves to be held, and I spend much of my time snuggling him when I am there. He has a sad thing in common with your Dorothy Rosebud in that he was once attacked by a dog. He has recovered well, though, and is such a sweetheart!

Safe travels home!

Karla Nathan

Linda I am guilty of anticipating the end before the holidays even begin too! I could also use a talking to from myself.

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Karla Nathan

Sheila, I am so looking forward to that day!

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Linda McMillin

i like my own space and enjoy spending the holidays at home. hope your trip is a good one with lots of fun.


Hahaha - you caught me here at home surrounded by my cats, going through my hoarded "supplies" -aka "junk"!

I always say that I never want to go anywhere but when I get there I have a good time and I'm glad I went! But after 30+ years working (outside the home) while raising 3 children and doing PTA, Girl & Boy Scouts, church work,etc. I really do want to enjoy my time at home - as long as I have Internet access, of course!

Enjoy your time at the wedding, Karla, and then you'll really enjoy getting back home!


How blessed we are to have the warm feelings of home,and the memories that our vintage treasures bring with them.

Sometimes we have to be away on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Sometimes work,helping others,or life events pull us from our homes but it is true holidays really live in our hearts!

When the stars line up just right and family all gather together in one home to celebrate the joys of the season...."There is no place like home."

Karla Nathan

Oh yes, jane, with Internet, you are never alone!

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