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November 19, 2012


Mitzi Curi

I like purdy things too! Sometimes all the businss talk can get overwhelming, and a little break can be nice. What about a rundown of the benefits of creating something, as opposed to the empty feeling of shopping for new junk? The comaraderie and joy of getting a group together for a craft night, the self-esteem boost of showing a finished project to friends and relatives or giving a handmade gift? I really think creativity increases self-esteem and is an important part of life!


Morning Karla

Hope that you having a fab time away visiting family. I think that you should just speak about the love of what you are doing. It shines through in all of your posts. You come across as a real person sharing her life and it's what draws me in - that plus the purdy stuff:)

The tuts are great both the free and the classes - love those! It's nice that you share the free ones - people love that:)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Oh,my gosh.... what a fabulous post! The roses you painted were simple, sweet and heartfelt all at the same time. You and your friend has such a special relationship. Lucky ladies! And boy would I love to be at this talk with all of you! Such amazing talent and all willing to share. Your talk will be be right there along with the other women. Take a deep breath and just dive in. You will do a great job!


Karla, I agree with Mitzi, Leann and Kadee. You have a lot to share and when you speak from the heart it will all be good!

Karla Nathan

Thanks, ladies!

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Francie Thornton

Oh I love it when someone speaks from the heart and is honest. I remember meeting Jo Packham at an event, when she spoke it was like visiting with a friend. she shared some behind the scenes things from real life, you know sometimes what you see isn't what really is. I appreciate knowing that things aren't always perfect like a lot of people pretend. I'm sure people will love to hear how you started, where you get your inspiration etc. You will do great !

Linda P.

You are so funny, Karla!

I love that you surprised your friend by painting the little roses on her business's door! I'm just glad you didn't get approached by the police, wondering what kind of suspicious activity you were engaged in at the door of a closed business! Ha!

So many great suggestions were made here regarding your upcoming talk! I think I would also like to hear things like mistakes you made and what you would do differently (being real!), and things you feel you did and are doing really right and would like to recommend to others. I definitely love the idea of speaking from the heart. I would bring some of the beautiful things you have made and talk about what art means to you and how it meets emotional needs in your life. I would talk about what you especially love to do and create with. Speaking personally about yourself and not just sharing facts will really speak to people and help them relate to you and love to hear you talk!

Tricia K. Johnson

Well If I was you Karla, I wouldn’t be nervous at all. From the moment I met you I liked you as you are such a real person, and not the least bit pretentious! And that’s what people love about you!!
So be real and be yourself and you'll do a fabulous job!!!! If I was coming I'd want to hear about keeping Blogging alive, even though so many just head over to Pinterest for all the pretty pictures I still think a Blog space is so much more intimate and just has that warm friendly feeling where crafty ones, like you and I truly do connect!

Linda McMillin

i would like to hear about online classes and tutorials, successful blogging-not everyone gets it. do something you love and remember to have fun. doesn't sound like any of them are covering that. i think whatever you decide will be fine.

maggie raguse

Hi Karla--you'll have plenty to contribute and I bet you'll be the hit of the event! I think you should share how you've created your recurring "BirdSong" event in your studio--and how blogging played a big part in that coming together. Also your tag swaps, and how so many people from every corner of the country participate and are connected to each other. What you manage to pull off is WAY more than "me like purdy stuff"!


You crack me up Karla! So not true -- but I do understand that you are with a stellar group of ladies there. Which you fit right in with as far as talent, style, passion, savvy -- and heart. I will give your question some thought and get back to you with what I would love to hear if I were lucky enough to get to go!


You just have to talk about your expertice: Creativity, sensibility in your creations, talent! And how to be successful blogging, being connected with people around the world, just sharing your talent online! Enjoy all the benefits from your friends and just be yourself! ... show the Power of Art because you are full of it!!!


I love to hear about personal experiences that's one of the reasons why I visit your blog. You come across so personable and kind, and you obviously love what you do. I always enjoy listening to "why" people started doing what they do, and the "how" of it all. What prompted you to start your online boutique and blog and how they expanded to what they are today. I'd pull up a chair and listen to those kinds of stories over and over.


You are so cute! I agree with all the others, eloquent words don't speak nearly as loudly or as effectively as true enthusiasm!
Keep up the good work, --I really love your blog!

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