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November 03, 2012


Linda P.

Oh my goodness, Kaaarrrrlaaaa!!! You poor thing! Wow. And you did a great job creating mental pictures of your misadventures!!!

I do have one little recent mishap to report. Hubby, son, and I were running late to get somewhere, but we still had to make a quick trip to pick up a few things at the store on the way. I am a goofy kind of gal, so I was exclaiming about how we had to hit the ground running when the car stopped in the parking lot and run like the wind into the store. If we saw one of us hittin' the dirt and skiddin' across the parking lot, it would be every man for himself because there would be NO time to stop to help each other!!!

Well, Hubby had his assignment to find in the store, and my son and I had ours. I was high-tailin' it (read *running*) down an aisle in my clogs, and yep, you guessed it. There was that moment of desperate can-I-stop-myself-from-falling, but alas! A hard double knee plant right there in aisle whatever was my fate. I just stayed there laughing and moaning for several seconds and then got my son to help me up. I still have lovely colorful knees to show for it!


I would soooooo love to go and sit next to you in California... but I will just have read about it, look at the pictures and be envious!

I hope your Wednesday curse has been broken, and the rest of your Wednesdays will be wonderful! Have fun in NC; my brother lives in Ashville, it is such a beautiful area!

Karla Nathan

Ouch, Linda! I feel for you.

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Janet Ghio

Whew! I say stay in bed with the covers pulled up this Wednesday and break the cycle. Glad you interspersed your tales of woe with photos of the pups!


Time for the walker!!! (i couldn't resist) Seriously, you are a disaster on 2 legs, or perhaps 1 by now. :)

Karla Nathan

Or a wheel chair!

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I just got some of your lovely little trees, but, please don't mail them on a Wednesday because I don't want to be responsible for ANY mishaps! LOL -- sorry, I can't stop giggling at your description of "windmilling and unladylike flopping around"! It's so good to be able to laugh at yourself! And your friends! Hahahahahaha!!


PS...before I giggled, I felt really really bad about all your boo boos!


Sorry about all your ouchies, but I had to giggle about "windmilling in the parking lot." I have so done that. I LOVE puppy pictures, and yours are darling!

Suzanne Wingfield

I hope that all your cursed Wednesdays have ended and that your boo boos are healing. I am seriously considering going to An Enchanted Affair and sitting at the "newbie" table with you...now that I know that no Wednesdays are involved...cough...cough....

Erica H.

I know these incidents were all scary at the time, but you are making me laugh reading about them now - I can picture the flailing arms at the grocery store. But I'm glad you're feeling better, and don't get banged up again!

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