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December 18, 2012


Louise Oakes

Everything you say here is true. Even here in the UK what happened is the first item on the news and each news channel has sent a few reporters there (fortunately BBC Radio 4 news reports aren't 'sensational' so most of my current news intake is via them).
Hopefully more and more people will think as we do and the news outlets will follow suit. Unfortunately, with the current obsession with celebraties and 'reality' tv, I'm not holding my breath!

Jesmae Todd

Change the gun law s ban guns altogether . The world is appalled at the number of ordinary people with guns even our police don t carry guns .

Linda P.

Yes, life is precious and fleeting, and my heart is broken for all the families affected. At a time that is suppose to be joyful--the Christmas season--so many are experiencing unimaginable grief. Praying for all of them right now.

Sheila R

I agree.... well said. I hate watching the news cover stories like these. Where is the privacy of the families? Saying continued prayers for all those affected by this horrible tragedy.

Judi Storm

I had intentionally not watched the news this weekend so that our two Grandsons (10&7) would not be exposed to this. However Monday at school that's all anyone was talking about, including Teachers. So we had some very good talks about it all. Also I tried to help them understand that some people are just going to do evil things no matter what. It is so hard to see a child's innocence get striped away. We will be praying as a family for all of those effected by one mans action. God Bless you and your family this Christmas. Judi in Wahoo

Kimberly at artJOYstuff

Beautifully said.


Well said!

Linda McMillin

When something like this happen, the grief is so crushing I feel like I can't breathe. I don't watch the news people who only see an opportunity to advance their careers. They forget these are real people.

Karla Nathan

I am not a gun person, either, but I sure know a lot of wonderful people who carry them. Even more who have them and keep them packed away. There are uses for them we have had to put animals hit by cars out of their misery with my husbands gun. Living in the country, its good to have one for varmints too. But those big, automatic ones? I cant see any reason to own one. They are too much. Who needs something like that?

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Karla Nathan

The news turns tragedy into entertainment programming. But I do find that NPR has decent coverage that is not sensationalized and more about the surrounding issues and what can be done than about the intimate details.

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Karla Nathan

I agree, Linda.

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Carol Spinski

Beautifully written Karla.


Beautiful and well said Karla.


Beautiful Karla, I agree with you.It's so senseless. Who needs those types of weapons?


Well said, Karla.

k in atlanta

the problem is not the media.. it is the lack of mental health care and the easy access to guns meant for war ... guns that can kill 20 babies in only a few mins.... the news media have respected the privacy of those in this tragic event I for one am grateful for the stories they have told of the sweet children and the brave teachers.. no one has too watch the coverage and to call it "entertainment" is beyond callous..


Perfectly stated! Prayer and kind acts do so much when words can do little to comfort those who lost so much.


The nation is grieving as we send these souls to heaven. I cry every time I hear about the tragedy, and have had to turn off the TV.
I believe that people can own guns. I grew up with all the males in my family having guns for hunting. Gun safety was always the first thing learned. In fact, I have never seen any their guns. They were put away somewhere safe, and to this day, I have no idea where they were stored. We have never had any mishaps and my family continues to hunt. Today, there are so many ways to keep guns safe.One relative has a gun safe that has a combination lock, and all his guns have locks. I hope that anyone who owns a gun is this responsble. The gun that killed all those people was not locked up in any way and made it into the hands of a killer.
Joni...grieving in CT.

Tricia Fountaine

Karla... thank you for expressing perfectly what is in my heart. Thank you for your very clear and compassionate voice!
You are a dear soul, I wish you and your adorable family the very best this Christmas.
Peace and blessings,

Rebecca P

You said it perfectly! I've been avoiding the news even more than I normally do. It's too horrible... I don't want details. I just want to try to be nicer and do nice things. I want to be one of the "helpers" Mr Rogers talked about.


Amen sister

Sue K

Excellent post - beautiful as always.

Karla Nathan

I dont think I could handle hearing the details, anyway. So sad. Yes, the mr. Rogers quote is full of wisdom.

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completely agree and you said it very well


Thank you Karla for being honest and addressing the real issue, mental illness. There will always be weapons and there has been a real long time, but I am so certain with all my edu. that mental health neglect in our country is a deadly weapon that desperately needs help once and for all!!! bravo for being so smart and seeing what is the problem, too bad its all about the guns andnot the ill ones who are holding them. Love and happiest of holidays to you, Lori


Merry Christmas to you. My last 2 Emails have returned. Have you changed your address?

Laurie S.

I agree with everything you said here. Thank you for saying it. There are many ways to honor the memories of those lost that do not involve intrusiveness.

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