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January 28, 2013


Louise Oakes

Hawiaii looks so beautiful and it's been lovely to see your pictures. Watching Hawiaii 50 is the closest I get normally.
I wouldn't worry about your sleep being the best thing of your holiday as they're supposed to be about rest and relaxation. :-)

Linda P.

Oh, Karla, what a lovely tale of Hawaiian bliss you wove here! I just loved reading about your trip. Sleeping with all the lovely water sounds in the background must have been so very peaceful. And how fantastic to have your own family as great tour guides to take you around to all the best places!

Oh, and since I have won a giveaway from your blog before, I am removing my name for consideration for one of these lovely books in order to give others a chance! : )


I haven't been to Maui, but I've been to Oahu twice,and the big Island once! Pure paradise. It would be heaven to live there, but only if the family was there, too! Glad you had such a wonderful time!

Debra Ganas

Just beautiful , Karla . I felt like I was there with you. Loved the pic of you and your husband in he wind and the fine looking dancer. lol Can't wait to see more.

Zoe Greene

Stunning, thank you so much for sharing. If you have a spare minute and could email me, I would love to know the name of the hotel you stayed at and if you would recommend it? My fiancee and I are wanting to go on our honeymoon and possibly even get married in Hawaii later this year. I have no idea which island is right for us etc, they all look amazing, but Maui really appeals. I would so appreciate your thoughts on Maui. Thanks so much, Zoe :)

Karla Nathan

Maui is the only island Ive visited. I hear all are wonderful. We were thinking the same thing, trying to figure out how we could stay forever, but couldnt bear leaving the family behind. It was nice to get home to them!

Karla Nathan


Looks so fun and so beautiful!! Aren't the pineapples just soooooo good? I couldn't figure out why they cost so much more too. We tried to bring some back home but didn't have very good luck with that. We went many years ago in the 80's and it was such a romantic place, so full of beauty... the flowers were indescribably beautiful... Glad you are safely back in KS and had a wonderful homecoming. Home still is the BEST place to be. I don't think you are an old lady as to your favorite things, just a wise lady....Welcome home, we missed you, Linda

Sheila R

I just have to laugh about the sleeping! Looks like you had a great time. Welcome back.

Karla Nathan

Id have tried to bring some home if I could have too. But we were told that since we flew into CA, no fruits were allowed.

Karla Nathan


~sigh~ I've never been to Maui, but is it like Kauai in that the air smells like flowers? Heavenly...loved the photos! (Oh, and thank you for the one of that dancer, esp.)


Beautiful photos and wonderful memories. I am more bowled over by the fact that pineapples are $2 in Kansas. That would NEVER happen around here.

Patty in Kansas

Karla, glad you are back on Terra Firma..LOL...the photos were lovely, but I know you did miss those little sweetie pies of yours....I can hardly believe how adorable the name that your little granddaughter gave the cat: Sweet Sweet Sweetie....so cute, and so like her from all of your postings! Patty in Kansas


so happy you had a dream vacation to hawaii! My parents live there 6 months of the year and own a condo in Kona on the big island. I have been blessed to be there 6 times --three of our children were married there---our daughter in law was born and raised in Kona and her family all still live there. Two of our daughters thought it was so beautiful to have an island wedding they followed suit. :)

Terri Gordon

Hi Karla, Beautiful photo's, thanks for sharing your wonderful trip with us. It looked beautiful! Welcome back. Have a great week catching up. Hugs, Terri

Karla Nathan

Well, that was the sale price. They are usually $3 or so, still less than half what they are in Hawaii where they are grown!

Karla Nathan


Looks like a wonderful time Karla!

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