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February 01, 2013


Louise Oakes

A beautiful memento of your holiday and much more fun than boring people with 100s of holiday photos.
When I have been on holiday in the past I have written a diary, but they don't bribg back those holiday memories as your journal must do. I'm not sure when I'll be going on holiday again, but when I do I'll be taking a journal with me.
As usual, thanks for sharing :-)

Janet Ghio

It looks like such a wonderful trip. I love the page about the banyan trees. I don't think I could scuba-too claustrophobic--but i would like to snorkel sometime I think.

Karla Nathan

Louise, it was so fun for me. I hate to be without something to do with my hands for over a week, and this journal solved that problem.

Karla Nathan


It's just so "you" -- artistic, and pretty, and fun!! What a great way to remember the trip!


Karla, this is SO COOL! I don't know why I'm dumb struck; I guess I was expecting a journal with words and not so many of those charming doodles! Love it. Now my scribbles and the odd stick drawing will just be sad. Deep breath...I shall have to take along some colored markers and add some blank pages to journal and, take another deep breath, and start to draw. Thanks for the inspiration. Check out my blog Saturday 'cause I'll post my raw journal by then. I'm not leaving for a week.

Account Deleted

I love your journal Karla, and find it inspiring. It also brings back a lot of nice memories of Maui for me. I love the road to Hana. It's so pretty, but oh boy does it ever take it's toll on those who get carsick, as my son can attest to, even after taking Dramamine, stopping along the way, and drinking coke, which is something sailors use for seasickness. Did you visit the black sand beaches? They are pretty cool. My favorite thing to do on Maui is to visit the top of the volcano to watch the sunrise, and then, ride bikes down to the bottom of the mountain. That's a real adventure, if you do the tour that is unescorted. We all have things that can be hard for us to do someimes. I think you should feel proud that you were open minded, and gave the diving a fair try, anyway. I wouldn't have, because of my clastrophobia, and just the thought of it would probably have made me cry. There is a nice restaurant to visit for breakfast along the way back down the volcano, if you ever do the bike ride.

My favorite island is Kauai. It is less touristy, and feels so friendly. We used to visit there a lot, as my husband's boss owned a condo there, and we'd have first refusal every year. Alas, he's let it go now, but oh boy....it was wonderful while it lasted.


Fabulous travel journal! I'm dying to try scuba, but also nervous, so I can totally relate.

Patty in Kansas

Karla...you were a good sport just to even consider scuba diving, so don't give the other tourists who were watching another thought....first of all, you'll never see any of them again, and secondly, why didn't THEY get off the chaise lounges and try it themselves? Glad you had a good trip. Patty in Kansas


That has to be the coolest journaling I have EVER seen! You are so creative! I'm so glad you all had a wonderful trip!!!

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