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April 28, 2013


Louise Oakes

The mural is amazing, you are such a talented painter. My favourite bits are the pink trees and the blue birds. They really pop out of the mural. It's a shame it is to big to hang anywhere in one place, but I'm sure the fairies would love it their bedroom walls.
You're right about the age thing. I'm less than 9 1/2 year behind you ans time just flies by. No sooner do ee start a week, it's all over and we're starting another one! I lose time at the work table too.

Linda P.

Karla, I loved seeing your mural in progress. I hope you never get tired of hearing how talented you are. : ) I love the little details you added that the observer would discover with a bit of a closer look.

I am also 54, Karla, and I know what you mean about the passage of time. I have sooo many arts and crafts supplies yet unused, and I have been asking myself how many of them I will leave behind! I'd best indulge in more creating (and less time on the computer : / oops)!

My daughter and I have started going to estate sales together, and at one a lady looked at a table and commented, "She liked to do crafts!" I daresay if my family had an estate sale after I was gone, that same lady would be saying, "Wo Mama! Boy did this lady apparently love her some crafts--or at least collecting supplies for them! Eeek! What was she thinking???!!!" From this day on, you will find me creating as fast as I caaaaannnnnn!!


Wow! A lot of work! Great results!


I love the mural! What a treat to have it in the grand fairies bedrooms! How magical! I am always in awe of your talent, simply magnificent!


The mural is just amazing, Karla. You have so much in your imagination, such a wonderful gift that you willingly share with others. I can't imagine the time and energy you have devoted to this, glad you get to keep it! Thank you for sharing it with all of us.... I sure know what you mean about being slower....this just continually frustrates me these days. I remember back when my three boys were all at home and I was so very busy,,,,I kept the calendars to prove it....and I just can't imagine doing all that now!! I can't quite pinpoint if it is my body, or my mind, or a combination of both...but nonetheless, I am getting increasing slower at everything and the days are just whizzing by. I too think a lot now about what I still want to do and try to prioritize my efforts more to make the best use of my time. I just LOVE the castle....it was worth every second....and provides the goal for the journey. That is where we are all trying to get to! Blessings, Linda


Karla, I'm right with you on time passing. Right now I'm going through some serious health problems and part of the cure may be loss or modification of vision due to the medication. For a person who loves to paint, create, read, it seems like the most overwhelming part of it. A lot of big decisions to make soon. And I look at all the art supplies in my studio, all the books on my to be read pile, all the things I want to See. And realize that at 61, there is less time to do it all, even on a good day. Shes, time does go by! Fast. Faster than I'd like.


I am awed by the work and detail you put into this creation, Karla!

Sounds like you completely had fun and will have no regrets, which is the recipe for "Win!" on my books. May the memory of your work, and its use at the event, always bring a smile no matter what you do with the actual piece! ;->


Your mural is amazing!! Karla you are such a talented girl. What a generous contribution to the event. How do you transport such a large piece of art without damaging it???

Im your age and I know what you mean by time and age. I remember when I was a child my grandmother used to tell me that when you get older time will go by fast and I couldn't wait to get older. Now I want to rollback some of those years. Although I think it depends on what your doing. When Im at work and there isn't much to do time goes by SLOW.....but on the weekends time seems to fly!!


Nancy Thompson

Soooooooo awesome Karla.......both your mural ...and your thoughts. I was drawn into your mural as if i was walking down the lovely path. I love all of the details...the vine on the tree...the apple tree...the inviting cottage...the shadows of light and dark....the sweet faces on the critters!
I am glad you wrote of your feelings about time....they echo my own! I too can get lost in a project and later wonder where the day went! I know I am slower now compared to my 25 years of teaching 2nd grade...never even had time to grow a tomato then!...yes..I too think of what the future "time" will let me complete. I guess the only real time we have is right now. Funny this topic came up as I am reading a little fiction book by Mitch Albom called "The Time Keeper" ! A very unique take on time and the meaning of time in life. Serendipity !


I wouldn't be able to part with it -- it was such a labor of love, Karla! I love love love all the details. I want to live there!

Folk Heart

As a muralist, I know full well how long that took, how much re-doing, how much emotional investment and most of all how much love and devotion. That is the part that really counts, and I admire you so much for that! It's a wonderful, magical creation, and I think you should offer it up for sale to recupe your time/expenses. I bet there are tons of theatrical groups that would gladly pay a pretty penny for such a work of art...especially children's theater.

Thanks for always being such an inspiration to me. You have truly touched my life!

Karla Nathan

Im going to hang it up for us to use for birdsong first!

Karla Nathan

Karla Nathan

Oh, yes, boring times can still drag, no matter what!

I shipped the mural ups, rolled it up on a cardboard tube from a roll of upholstery fabric.

Karla Nathan

Karla Nathan

Ill have to look up that book, I like his writing, thanks for the tip about it, Nancy.

Karla Nathan

Karla Nathan

Thank you, Louise! Yep, the pink trees and blue birds are my favorite parts too. The colors for the event were royal and bejeweled, but I thought the pink was a nice, soft contrast

Karla Nathan

Bears with a HEART

Karla, this large painting (mural) is sooooo beautiful.
It looks like if you can really walk there and the castle is great.

Why don't you show this to the WD Parcs you go to or others.
I am sure such a Parc wants to buy this from you,
while it will enrich the Parc.

Linda P.

Oh, I am so excited that I will get to see that beautiful mural at Birdsong!!!

Paula Kay

I always get lost in looking at your art. It transports me, because I am not an artist. Just a crazy crafter. I think that is why it is so fun to see your process & hear your thoughts on it. You are a talent cuz:) My favorite is hearing how you get so lost in daydreaming through your work. I feel that way just crafting. Thanks, as always, for sharing your talents with us all. It is a fabulous piece of art. I envision it on a castle wall hanging from an old rod iron pole. So the grand-faeries room makes the perfect castle!


Your mural is beautiful, and your talent is exceptional. I'd love to be able to see it in person, and the details would keep me in the forest a long time.

When I was young I remember my mom saying that the older you get, the faster time goes. I couldn't picture it, and thought it was an imposible concept. But now that I'm older (64) time does go so very fast. The question is: Does it speed up from here? Yikes!

stephanie o.

Just amazing...Am thrilled that I will to get to see it in person at Birdsong...




ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Margie S.

Wow!! Karla, that was the most amazing mural I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing it all with us. It's simply beautiful and I can see how you got lost in it all. I got lost just looking at all the pictures. I know we ALL want to live there :)

María Eugenia Ávila

Quedé impresionada! Hermoso mural, felicitaciones!



Your mural is simply stunning and I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts on aging. I have 58 on the horizon was happy to hear I am not the only one who senses time buzzing by faster than I can keep up with. I am glad you were able to take that piece of happy time for the mural.

Debbie Addie

Please, please paint pictures so we can buy them....I am in love with this mural.

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