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April 15, 2013



Wow! That is quite an undertaking! It will be interesting to see the progress that is made as time goes by. U had to laugh a Dewdrop! That is really something! I hope it was warm enough for her to go au natural. She is an adventurous little tike! They look like they were having a ball! She seems so grown up and it seems just like yesterday that we were waiting and worrying about her being born!! Life is never dull at your house. Adam must be commended for all the hard work he has pot into this project. I wish you gentle winds, warm sunshine and just enough rain to quench thirst!

Sheila R

Looks like a wonderful project! What cute little mermaids in the mud puddle!

Mercedes Scott

oh my! I love these pics... I'd give anything to be a kid again and go play in your mud pool :-) What fun the fairies are having!!


What fun!


I love reading your blog! There is always so much happening in your life with family and friends. The garden is going to be beautiful. Thanks for all the progress reports. The girls looked like they were having so much fun.

Elaine L.

Wow, Karla! You have quite a family project going and it's so creative! I can't wait to see it all come together.

Gayla Pappenfoht

I would be right there with those girls in that mud... Looks like fun, and the garden is going to be fantastic. Good work!

Karla Nathan

Thanks, Claudia! Yep, those two had the greatest time wallowing mud like happy pigs.

Karla Nathan

That baby is always naked, cold or not. She strips down no matter what. We find tiny panties in the most weird places!

Karla Nathan

Josie walrath

Karla I love your blog! What an adventure your family is undertaking! sugar wings aDewdrop look like they were having so much fun playing in the mud. Will be following the adventure through your blog and wishing I were a fairy too. thank you for sharing...



This is such an inspiring and interesting project, I am totally amazed at the ingenuity behind it. I hope you keep posting on it, I am very intrigued by this. This needs to end up in some garden magazine when you are done. Your clan is creative in every sense of the word!

Crafton Abbey

Gardening always brings out the Zen mastery in me. It is my greatest high and my most relaxing task all in one. Your mud puddle pohotos are priceless!

Terri Taylor Valcoure

Karla....thanks for sharing this awesome project with all of us ! As always, your photographs are beautiful =)
Adam and Christee, what a wonderful project you are devoting your time to ! I can't wait to see the progress ! All that's missing is a couple of dogs running around...lol
Keep up the good work !
~Terri Taylor Valcoure~


I am so enchanted by you and your mythical, magical family!


What a huge project and so much got done! What a special place for the little kids and BIG to enjoy life and explore nature. I love the mermaids especially.

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