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July 28, 2013



What a beautiful, magical room! Your little fairy grands are lucky to have such a fun, talented grandma.


One of your fairies looks like Betty White in her younger days! lol


-happy sigh- What a delightful room, for your so-lucky little Grand Girls. Lovely, magical, perfect...

Fret not about some wrinkles. That's a grown-up's kind of worrying. This is a magical room, for little girls. Thoughts of wrinkles, don't even come into-their-heads. :-)


Janet Ghio

What a magical sweet room for the grandfairies! What lucky little girls they are.


I can't imagine being anything but thrilled to walk into this room! You need not point out any flaws....to us wishing we were there it is flawless! Thank you for sharing! :)


It is magical! What a dream to be able to sleep in such a beautiful, magical place! You are the BEST Grammy, ever!


What a blessed little girl who gets to play, sleep, and wake to this heaven...:)

Randy Nathan

What an AMAZING room for the baby fairies! Looks like it is fresh out of a fairy tale!!!! I will never have enough Karla Nathan Whimsical in my little house! Your talent is a HUGE Gift! Love you R&K


So much fun!

Laura Strack

Magazine Perfect to me!!

mercedes scott

Karla, the room looks exquisite! Straight out of a fairytale.... the girls love it, I'm sure! They are so lucky (although they may not realize it for years to come lol) to have you as their "grandma" - everything you touch with your brush turns to magic!


Every time I see a post like this I think your grands got the best grandma in the world. A fairy grandmother, I think!


How lucky are these fairy grand babies? Love their enchanted fairy land room. I am sure they will have lots of fairytale dreams in there. Grace xoox

Bohemian Valhalla

What an Enchanting Space to do Imagining in and make Dreams come True! Well done!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Linda P.

That room is just magical, Karla, and I know it makes the grandfairies feel very special to have a place like that all their own! I think the closet doors are beautiful in that room and fit in just fine. Bohemianesque moi feels that things don't at all have to be all matchy matchy anyway! : D

Anxiously awaiting part 3 of this bedroomian saga!

Yvonne Welty

That is the prettiest room for your grandfairies. They are so lucky and it and they are adorable. I have 2 grandkids myself and there's nothing like hanging out with them with a project.

lynn legge

i just love the room and i am sure when they wake up they look around and smile :) what a great gramma you are... and i know how you feel.. i just adore my two granddaughters (and i also have four grandsons)
and i realllyyy love the pink roses.. so delicate and gorgeous....
and a pink bed.. well why not lol
big ladybug hugs
and btw
my little one whos 3.. calls them buzziebees lol

lynn l

Curtains In My Tree

you are just amazing I hope the girls love it all and sure they do.
I bet they think all fairy Grandma's are as talented as theirs?

I just love the bed and about the crown, take a tiara and break off the ends and attach it to her hair, like a 3d tiara
since you may paint it again I would use a glue that will come off easy not E6000


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