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July 12, 2013


Dawn Edmonson

oooooomygoodness!!! Karla!!! Your studio is such a truly magical place!!!! Each and every photograph is so wonderful ~ I really wish I could fly out and visit you one day, Maybe? The babies are just beautiful and growing so very fast! I know they love that you are such a creative spirit and nurture that quality in them. I'm just so thankful I was able to finally meet you last year ~ you have a beautiful spirit and I always love your studio!!! hugs and love, Dawn


I have always loved your creative space.
I am so thankful you showed it again.
(New followers all the time like seeing your magical place)

I love the shabby feel and all the space you have.
Your treasures are remarkable.
The beads hanging from the lampshade are so pretty!!

Thank you again for sharing your amazing space.

Happy Crafting


I love your studio, it is so creative and inspiring. Every where you look, you see something new you may have missed before! It is also like a big hug, it welcomes you in and makes you feel all warm and cozy! It's a magical place! Love it!!!


Dear Karla It is always a pleasure to pop over and look around your studio.... it is sure a creative and whimsical space and a lovely surprise to spy the cup cake faerie I sent you on your shelf have a wonderful blog party Hugs Wendy

Karla Nathan

I love that fairy, thanks, Wendy!

Yvonne Welty

Wow! Your studio is the best I've ever seen. I'd never leave! My place is a spare room and it's not nearly as pretty as yours. I did have to laugh when you made the comment that you usually craft in 8 inches of space. Doesn't everyone? I know it's that way for me as well. Thanks for sharing!


I have adored your beautiful space all these years...and especially LOVE your vintage papererd drawers and boxes! Your grands are just darling!
Be blessed,Lorena


I never tire of seeing you beautiful studio!



So, there I was with my adult size face pressed against your glass doors...No crying, No snot, just waiting to be let in. Thanks for the up close and personal peeps. It is hard to pick a favorite area of your house. I adore that you let the 'fae folk' in to play. They really are a delightful pair that any grandmother would just want to play with. I would be soooooo good if I was allowed into your space. Keep smiling and creating, you and your space are on my 'bucket list' too LOL.


I know what you mean about "why didn't I do it sooner when it only took an hour!" I thought that about my linen closet (which took four, but it hadn't been done in eons!

As always your studio offers more than a bit of envy on my end -- the nice kind! I do love that you are keeping some birdsong up -- it really looks lovely there! And your "no crying" rule is the best!


So this is what I missed in June!! I was weepy before when I couldn't go but now, after seeing your amazing space, I am back at it! I know.. I will promptly escort myself outside the door until I can compose myself.. LOL! Protect that joy you have as it's so very special. And I love all that shabby delightfulness! And I love that the two and four-legged children are an integral part of your space! You're amazing!

Ellie Kelding

I NEVER tire of "walking through" your studio. It exudes charm, sweetness, and fascination - reflections of the person you truly are.

Thanks for sharing your playroom.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Your studio is one of my most favorite studios. I love the pastel floral qualities of it. Just beautiful.

Karen Young

I just had the most enjoyable time checking out your wonderous studio. What fun you and the fairies must have playing amongst all those fantastic bits and pieces. I woul never want to leave. Your whole studio is a recipe for creativity

Thank you for taking the time to photograph all the little details.

Hugs Karen

Diana Polly

I never tire of your gorgeous, creative, haven. It's like a magical fairy room. I love it Karla. Thank you for sharing it again.


Karla, I adore your studio! Every time I see pictures of it it fills me with inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing!

Tazas y Cuentos

Your studio is fantastic! Just lovely!
I enjoyed a lot the tour, you are so creative!
Besos from Argentina,

Ava Gavloski

i am a first timer here, so i am glad you showed your studio. I love your rules and everything is so magical...Thanks for sharing the detailed photo's lots of inspiration to be had. mucho gracias


Yours is the only studio in the blog party that I have actually been in, and I love it! It's such an inspiration and there are so many pretty things to look at. I also love that your garden is right outside the door. It's a magical place!


What a joyful space! Everything is just so lovely, and everywhere you look there are special treasures to gaze upon. What put the biggest smile on my face was seeing your sweet little dorkies in the bowl - I am amazed they like to snuggle in it - so, so adorable!!!!

maggie raguse

Thanks for the stroll through your wonderful studio, Karla! So many treasures and such whimsy in each nook and cranny. I'm still set on visiting it in person. We're finally doing the KU drop-off in late August....fair warning: you may find me pressing my face up against that glass door!

Any firmer plans for a fall/Halloween-ish event? I seem to remember you talking about that.

Good luck with all of your computer woes and teeth issues, and all the rest. With all that goes on in your life, you still manage to have that slice of heaven of a studio. And it's wonderful.

Karla Nathan

This pups have hung out in the bowl since the whole litter was tiny and would crawl in together. Its funny to see the two of them and sometimes their mom too, pile on top if each other!


If I ever came over to take a class, I would never leave.

Amazing . . . awesome . . . inspiring . . .

cathy @ ma vie trouvee

Always of one my favorite studios of the party! Do your little ones know how lucky they are? I would have died to have a place like that to play in as a child.... okay...as as adult too! Cheers from Singapore.


I never tired of touring your gorgeous studio Karla. Each and every inch of it is amazingly beautiful!
Thanks for sharing it with us.


everytime I am in love...


No matter how many times I've seen your studio it is still fabulous and impressive. I love it Karla, everything is so beautiful!


I've been following your blog for a while now and you create the most beautiful things! Your studio is just wonderful - you're very blessed and it looks full of love with children and pets! :-)

Linda P.

Even though I saw your studio just a month ago at Birdsong, it was impossible to take it all in because it was so fuuulll of wonderments! As I scroll through your photos here, I see multitudinous goodies that I don't remember seeing then! Your studio is just like an "I Spy" book, filled to the brim with special things to discover.

Loved how you made your tour even more personal by telling us about your grandfairies and the *special* : ) studio rules for them. (Oh, and I got a kick out of Kadee's comments above!) I also loved getting peeks at those precious pups throughout this post!

Randy Nathan

AMAZING studio tour, some of my favorite memories have taken place in your studio. Just walking thru that door fill your heart with love,light,and creative spirit! Thank u for all u do to help other be creative! U are a true artist and fantastic sister! Love you tons! Guncle Randy!!!!!


WoW... I want to just come on over and never leave! I'd never leave that space, well, unless to go get food or something, LOL.. But I just adore your studio its pure magic and so pretty!!


Wow Karla so much magic happening in here. So much to love, enjoy and be inspired by. Love the romantic feel and freshness and shabbiness of everything. Love your studio rules, your gorgeous little fur babies that have to be there with you constantly, your birds, bling and such gorgeous fabric boxes well that's for starters.
Thanks for being so hospitable and if you want to enter a Giveaway by following come over to see where I create too!


I never get tired of seeing your beautiful space, Karla! And I LOVE your rules for the Happy Space!!

cindy craine

Dear Karla, your studio area so reflects who you are, colorful, talented, a little cooky, and oh so FAB! I have always showed your studio on how I want my room to look like! I hope to see you soon,xoxoxo-cindy

Nancy Maxwell James

LOVE your gorgeous space! I could spend hours in here swooning over all the gorgeous treasures! I especially love the area for your granddaughters to create - so sweet. Thanks for sharing this amazing spot with all of us!



Your studio is AMAZING! I could stay in there for days!! Thanks so much for sharing.

Barbara Mason

WOW...You are over the top girl!!! Love it all...and especially the no crying rule!!!

Karla Nathan

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Rita Barakat

Your studio is so beautiful! So many lovely things to look at! I bet you could spend all day in there and not come close to seeing all there is to see!



Your studio is stunning! I don't think I would ever leave that space. It looks like everyone else likes it too. My creativity is absolutely thrive in your space.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Well, I for one am so glad you did decide to post it again, Karla! You have one of my most favorite studios ever! Yours was the one I dreamed about as I hoped to one day have an actual room I could call my own. Mine is a tiny storage room transformed into a creative space for me, but if it wasn't for you I'd have never thought it was possible. : ) Anyway, you have such a gorgeous space that I enjoy seeing it again and again. Even if I can get one idea for display, decorating, organizing or supplies it is worth it!


Wow! Your studio is beyond amazing! It is huge, lucky you!! I love every little detail, and would love to spend alot of time there! How wonderful that you get to share it with such cute grandkids and pups!!


Definitely a studio I would like to climb into ala Alice through the Looking Glass. And WOW thank you for such generous pictures I love being able to study your projects and gawk at all the yummy details to my hearts content. Book marking this post!

Karen Valentine

Karla, I never evr get tired tired of looking at your studio!! It always on my list of favorite studios. I am so glad you decided to share it again, and hope you will continue to do so next year and the year after that!!


WOW!! Your beautiful studio is huge! I love the shabby chic style! I can see why you call it your happy place - I would be happy working in there too :)


Oh my, what a super place to be in, it has never ending treasures to be discovered, played with and created with. Your daughters must be in pure heaven being in there and digging through all the fun stuff (of course asking first)... And I love your main rule, too funny but looks like it works wonders!!! I really enjoyed looking through all your pictures and I'm still have to go back...
Just must see more!!!

I have to tell you as an artist and illustrator, I totally fell in love with one of the pictures of one of your daughters (when she's trying on a hat)she would be fantastic to draw.

What a great treat this was to see (your whole space and blog), don't know how I ever missed it the past years?? but sure glad I saw it now.




Wow! A feast for the eyes... I adore all the vintage and antiques; what a wonderful place for the little ones to play and create too - they are so lucky.

Your little Yorkies are adorable too.

Thank you for the delightful tour!

Mary Walden

Karla, This is my first time seeing your creative world and I am just amazed. So far this is the very best studios on the tour-just the right mix of organization and imagination. I could spend hours looking at all of your beautiful crafting areas. I love your fairy girls and the pups. I will definitely be back to visit you. Thanks so much for sharing.

Sheila Rumney

Love your studio and your rules! Too cute. Thanks for sharing your space.


love the rules !leaving such a happy place would cause crying lol! you have a beautiful studio!

Janet Greer

Karla, I have visited you before but this time I enjoyed seeing so many close ups of things. Your space is wonderful to create in. I would love it! This is my first year to participate in WBC. I hope you will visit me!


Olá, Karla!!!
O seu ateliê é muito lindo, parabéns!!! Amei tudo!!
Silvia-Brasil-Brasília/Distrito Federal


Beautiful pics and beautiful space!Thank you for inspiration I have been looking for to make my multi media art space that I love, instead of not liking to work in my own creative space. sherrirose

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