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August 11, 2013


Michele Collins

I love love it!!!! I can't wait to see the magazine.Absolute beauty.

Dawn Edmonson

Oh Karla...I can't WAIT to see your gorgeous home in the magazine!!!! I was fortunate to meet sweet Fifi when she came to Georgia to shoot a friend of mine's home and I was present! She is absolutely MAGICAL!!! She moved stuff here and there to make the shot the best it could be and then we could all see it on the computer...the woman is AMAZING and is an expert at what she does. Please let us know what issue, OK? xxoo, Dawn

Randy Nathan

WOW, FIFI looks like Helen Muren! YOur house is so beautiful both brfore snd sfter, They would walk into our house and say who dusts all this stuff!Ha! Anxious to see u soon! Love Randy


As thrilling as it will be for you to see your house in the magazine (again!) it will be equally thrilling for those of us who have been lucky enough to be in your house, to see a house we know in a magazine! I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! I love the Before and I LOVE the after! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the pink and roses! Can't wait for it to be published!

Tami Hacker

I adore both the before and after photos of your home... it is inviting and comfy both ways! Your home is so beautiful in every nook & cranny, and always filled with love & life!! Please let us know when the issue is available. Congratulations Karla!

Janet Ghio

I love seeing all the befores and afters. when will the article be publixhed?

Kelley Crisanti

OMG! so excited for you - so well deserved for you to be featured!


What a delightful and informative post!

I remember Fifi! Must visit her blog again!

So interesting to hear how a photo shoot really goes. Very interesting.

But of course, you have a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful home, which must have been a Joy for Fifi to use.


Sheila Rumney

How exciting! I can't wait to see it in the magazine!

Mercedes Scott

congratulations, Karla, on having your divine home featured...... I can't wait to see the issue!

Mrs. Tricia K. Johnson

What An Honor Karla ~ Good for you!!! It sure looks beautiful!!! When will it be on the shelves and available in bookstores? Any idea?

Suzanne Duda

What fun Karla! Your home is lovely before and after...Fifi must have been in HEAVEN with all of your beautiful treasures to choose from for her styling! xo

Gloria McAllister

I agree with the other ladies Karla, your home is always beautiful. Thank you for being so "real" and sharing the inside story with those of us not fortunate enuff (or talented enuff) to ever experience that. I often put myself down because no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to make my rooms look like they do in the magazines...now I know the secret. Don't worry...it's safe with me.

Gloria in Virginia


Oh that is so exciting -- I just cannot wait to see your home all pink-ified by Fifi on the pages of that magazine! I loved the glimpse into the process, too. Fascinating.


Every room looks beautiful. I think it would be fun to have someone come in and take my stuff to restyle my home. I think I would be amazed.



Hi, Karla -- I've been saving and savoring this post till I had time to really sink into it! I love Romantic Country (before and after they featured the Gypsy!) but I could never imagine how anyone could have a home so neat and so lovely to be in it, except maybe you! So you see, you are living up to all my expectations!

Your home is beautiful -- I've always thought so. I like lots of the things they did -- but agree that the pillows look great in the photos but would last only briefly in real life (I am known as the Pillow Queen, and that's not a compliment as far as Rick is concerned!)

It was fun to see your notes and tips, too -- not that this would ever happen to me, but once I start playing with redecorating (after retirement next month!) you have some good tips there! Fun post!


I think it would be awesome to have someone else come in and show me what I could do with what I have!

Linda P.

I absolutely LOVED hearing about and seeing what Fifi did to restyle your home. She already had a whole lot of beauty to work with, that's for sure!

You write with such "real life-ness," with humor thrown in, and I just love it.

What a cute picture of one of your doggies perched on the couch, wearing what appears to be a toothy grin for the camera!

Congratulations for being featured, Karla, and I can't wait to purchase the magazine when it comes out!


Can I say I knew you WHEN? Before you were famous. :) I'm joking with you because I know all the fame in the world wouldn't change you one bit. However...your house did change. I think it is interesting that Fifi wanted punches of color. I love the chic mono-neutral look, yet in my own decor, I respond to happy colors and just go with it. Over a year ago I did re-do my bedroom in shades of beige with no color creeping in so far.


I always love looking at your house and the different ways it was styled just added all the more charm. You are such a talented and creative lady. Congratulations. I am looking forward to that issue especially.

Melissa Harrison

I t is very exciting, I also had my house featured in a magazine 10 years ago, , and yes there was lots of rearranging, moving stuff, losing stuff, lighting in right places, and so on as you sais, but it was fun and when the magazines came out, the photos came to life, they we wonderful. I still look at those magazines from time to time as I do not live there any more, but it was true experience, and I loved it . can't wait to see your home featured.

Karla Nathan

Yes, its very exciting to be featured, isnt it, Melissa? These photos were used in Romantic Country, Country Sampler Homes Tour, and Daphnes Diary. They went a long way!

Jeanne C. Wolf

I wish you girls lived next door to me and Ziggy (my Yorkie). What fun you must have. I also love to look at: Magnolia Pearl catalog on line. You look like you might be friends with them.
Best wishes and thanks for sharing your lovely life!

maria ljungström

I LOVE your cute little house dear:) LOVE Maria from inredningsvis.se


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