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August 29, 2013



Enjoy your weekend away.

Friends are a treasure!

Thank you for the great giveaway!


debra leen

love your little fairies! you have the best imagination!! deb

Louise Oakes

Beth is a good friend the journal she made for you is beautiful. As are your fairy pictures.
Hopefully Ry will find a job soon, I've crossed my fingers :-)
Have a fab weekend away and thanks for tge giveaway opportunity.
Louise ♡


I love all the fairies!!! The dress form fairy and angel are gorgeous. Where did you find the rhinestones you used around the waist???...mouthwatering

Happy Crafting


Enjoy the long weekend. Take good care of yourself and the problems will find solutions.


I'm very fond of these, especially that top round one you did. They're great fun.

You have a good friend in Beth. The journal is gorgeous and you're right about the binding. I know you'll put your best into it, too!

I'm sorry you're dealing with yuck right now personally. Hang in there, my friend. It will be better, because it must. Sending hugs.


Karla sorry to hear that life's put a few bumps in your road. I'm hitting a few myself and always worrying about my "boys" too.

Love Love Love the fairies and the new dress forms!!!



I am loving all your latest projects, you are always keeping so busy, I cannot wait to get my energy back! Hugs, Diane


Oh my Dear, I'm so sorry you are having "troubles" invade your life. Such things do seem to happen to all of us, now and then. Larger or smaller ones.

But I certainly hope that yours soon vanish, as if blown away on a soft summer breeze.

Gentle hugs,

Freda Butler

Beth's journal is lovely. We have been taking the same class but she is way ahead of me. I have to speed it up.

What a nice friendship you two have.



Aren't friends the best gift we can receive? You have a treasure in your friend Beth - what a special blessing! Your journal will be a healing balm for sure.

Curtains In My Tree

Oh I thought about you and your fairy girls yesterday.
I was in my favorite flower shop in Columbia, My Secret Garden and they have this fairy garland, a paper garland all fairies strung on a string.
I thought this is Karla for sure

Laura Strack

Your Fairies are precious! You're a true artist, whom I admire so!!

Cindy Is Crafty

Karla, they are lovely! I am sorry that Ry lost his job. That really blows. I am sure he will find an ever better one soon!


That journal is wonderful -- Beth is very thoughtful. I adore the little sprite you are keeping! It is perfect and it looks great in your book!

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

Just found your blog I'm a new linky follower! Love your fairies!

Yvonne Welty

the Fairies were wonderful. Hope all your troubles are small ones and of short duration. We went through job changes at our house and know how you feel for your son. Thanks for sharing!

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