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August 02, 2013


Linda P.

I love your "new" shoes, Karla! What a great idea!

Do you have an SAS (San Antonio Shoes) store there? I really like those shoes for comfort. I'm not sure what sizes they carry, but they are another place to try if you have one around.


try Allegrias. they are wide and very comfortable.
check out their website.

Laura Strack

I too have to wear comfortable shoes and if I find a pair that not only look good but that I can wear all day, I wear them puppies out. I feel you pain :)


I *feel for* you, since I also have my own Feet Problems. -pout-

I certainly love this wonderfully inventive solution you thought of, to prolonging the life of a grrrrrreat pair of shoes. :-)



Oh, karla -- a kindred foot problem person. If I didn't have my orthotics, I don't think I could walk. And of course, they don't work well in pretty girl shoes -- I have a variety of comfy but not attractive shoes. In Michigan winter it's especially bad because none of them -- not a one -- looks good with a skirt or dress. At least in summer, I can fake it a little!

Well, I think painting them is brilliant. I've done that with clothes that didn't survive a spill. Shoes? Not yet!


I am really sorry...I just giggled A LOT when I saw the picture of your feet. Your so beautiful and talented, that it took me a bit by surprise! Guess you had to have ugly feet to make up for all those other great features of yours! heehee... LOVE the DIY shoe painting too!

Karla Nathan

Shoe shopping is not fun when your feet are atypical, is it? Jeannie, Ive painted or dyed clothing that I ruined too. I just hate to give up my faves!

Terry Neibaur

I know what you mean. My feet are wide and I have planar fasciitis so comfort is the most important thing. I love dansko's, aebo's, and ecco's. ecco's and aebo for exercise shoes and sandles, Dansko for my nicer shoes. I still haven't found fancy "sexy" shoes that i can wear for long. Love your idea of painting them, so cute.


Oh, the quest for wearable shoes! I don't mind expensive shoes if I will know I can wear them but I am so hesitant to pay the money for fear they will end up being donated.
I did actually "customize" a pair of my shoes with paint one time and also discarded a comfortable pair because the suede footbed was so dirty it was embarassing, before I learned they clean right up with rubbing alcohol.

Gloria McAllister

I felt sorry that I had no shoes....until I met a man that had no feet..... Unknown.

Gloria in Virginia
(Just sayin)

Curtains In My Tree

I'm not going to make fun of your feet LOLOLOLOLOL

I painted a pair of my shoes once after I seen shoes painted in that magazine Altered Clothing like a Somerset magazine I can't say the name now( senior moment) another LOL

anyway they turned out just fine, I never doute they would with an artist doing the painting

Karla Nathan

These are more serviceable than arty, I think a pair done up in Altered Clothing must have been pretty cool!


You are so funny -- I totally know what you mean, though. I love pretty shoes and I get really excited when I get in the mood to fool myself into thinking I could actually wear a pair that's cute. But then reality hits. I have about 4 pairs of shoes that I can wear, and when one pair wears out I go into mourning! Your feet are cute. I had a neighbor/good friend who had "Freds" just like yours! She's super incredibly wonderful, talented and creative, too, by the way. Maybe there's a connection.


Smart cookie. I've glued some tattered shoe leather back into place, but I haven't painted shoes since the 60's when colorful Capezios were the rage. This makes me appreciate my luck at being able to buy standard shoes straight from Zappos. Whoops! Guess you don't need to hear THAT. Hugs...Charlotte

Jennifer Grenko

I've got short little wide feet too. Once in a while, I find something that fits and is cute but not often. People like us can't be shoe people. I like pretty purses instead


I think they are great!! Clever you ~


Have you tried Donald J Pliner? Garnet Hill carries a great pair of sandals by him (I believe they are called "GiGi" or something. Pricey but so comfy AND pretty!


I just bought a pair of shoes from the Aurora Shoe Company - the best thing that's ever happened to my feet! Find them on line! You'll be so glad you did!! xoxoxoxox

Nikki Rich

Just found you as I am looking for dressing wedding shoes in hot pink and can't ever find anything I can wear in heels. My feet look like yours but the 4 shorties are shorter than your in comparison to the big toe! So now you know someone worse off hahaha! I love crocs sandals in the You collection. I can almost go all day long and they are pretty cute! Naot put out a good sandal that is a lot cuter than the birkie but same general idea. I feel more feminine in it anyway... but dressy I am glad the boots are back in for summer or winter or dress or casual! I can wear flats and cover those doggies! But I want to paint low heel dress shoes I can actually wear but am afraid!

Karla Nathan

Go for it! If the paint scuffs, you can always touch it up.

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