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September 01, 2013



I did'nt even know that Barbie dolls had clothes! The ones I see are always,well without!

Joan Nathan

The grandkids grow up so fast. I see it every week here.Love the pictures. Even my apt. is never clutter free. Not realistic. We have to live!.
Grandma Joan N.

Pat Danner

I so enjoy getting up each morning and reading your post. You put all our lives in such perfect words. Your house is beautiful as is you and your adorable little ones.


You have a beautiful house, so warm and cozy! The pictures were gorgeous, as usual!

Tami Hacker

I'd live in your home clean or dirty any time... it is beautiful and filled with so much love...a reflection Karla of your beautiful soul.

We had boys, so I don't know about the naked Barbies. Maybe Dewdrop was sharing her own panties since her doll wasn't wearing any or maybe like my great, great niece, she prefers commando and finds other places for her panties. It's those awkward moments when you discover she has place them elsewhere...smile.

Hugs, Tami


What a delightful post! Both showing your lovely cottage, in its pristine magazine ready condition. And telling us, that it is hardly ever, this way. A blogger who admits to True Life! :-)

Again, your home decor takes my breath away...

I've had blogging chatter, on the topic of, how we tend to show "perfect" little spots, when we picture, on our blogs. Being careful to... say.... crop out the garbage can... Or the messy stack of books which needs straightening... Etc. -giggles-

Me'thinks the only ladies who live in constantly proper homes, have lots of house keepers! :-)



Love your use of wit and humor. I was laughing most of the way through the post because I agreed with pretty much EVERYTHING....lol.

Thank you for sharing and letting us know we are not alone :-)

Happy Crafting

Sheila Rumney

Karla, you are such a wonderful Grammy and Mom. I hope that they all know how special you are! Love certainly brightens up a home and yours is filled with it!

Louise Oakes

Your house is beautiful Karla. I love your bathroom with all of those cabinets! Your home has given me a few ideas for my own.

We have an every day clean and tidy and a visitors are coming tidy (we're in the latter one today as we've had visitors). All of the important rooms e.g. bathroom, kitchen are kept clean but I don't mind a bit of dust elsewhere. Like you, I have lots of stuff and I don't want to move things for the sake of a bit of dust. I can get messy when I'm sewing downstairs, or 'take over' as my husband says!


Karla, Loved all the pretty pictures and I can enjoy them more having seen most of those rooms in person, all the rest of the room fills in having previously been in the room. Can't wait to see how it all comes out in the magazine. We are past the Barbie stage here but I remember it well. Also the day I came home from work and Jenn had cut into a cloth version of Ronald McDonald to take the stuffing into her "Puddin"c Madame Alexander doll that was losing hers. We still have that original Puddin in a box, no hair, no stuffing and her arms and legs reattached with duct tape. She was literally loved into pieces!! Little girls are so very precious!!

Linda P.

I never get tired of seeing your lovely home! With so many pretties around, I must ask if you have any secrets as to how you dust. I have lots of pretties around, too, and I could use advice. ; )

I took note when you mentioned your hubby's crossword puzzles! I am a lover of them myself! Plus, they are actually supposed to be good for your brain and contribute to keeping it in good shape. : )


Thanks for sharing all the pictures of your beautiful cottage. Among the many things I love about your home, the ceiling in the bedroom is especially pretty - is that wallpaper?


Karla - love seeing pictures of your lovely home and reading sweet tales about your little fairies! My grandson is with us this week-end. I can't count the times I've heard Grandmaaaaaaa. I Love It!!!

Marilyn in Missouri

Bernadette Gibson

OMG! What a magnificent home! I would love to see more of it. I would also love to see what the front looks like. I adore your bathroom. I love both the bedrooms shown. The rose chintz bedspread is really pretty. I could move in tomorrow. You have done a wonderful job. When is the magazine going to come out?

Wanda Contreras

Love your home, clean or dirty! Your collections and your style are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!
Best regards, Wanda


Karla - love all your wonderful adventures and creativity. All your rooms are beautiful and your bathroom is to die for! Thank you for sharing with us. regards, Auntritz


Oh, my -- it's gorgeous and I can't believe you got it all so tidy. Those were the rooms they DIDN'T shoot? Oh, dear -- I'd have to start tomorrow if they were coming in January... Magnificent!

Mrs. Tricia K

Hi Karla, I enjoyed seeing your magazine clean home!
I always say to my husband…I'm an artist and I'm just way to creative to be confined by such cleanliness!
So just sit back and enjoy your creative chaos, it's way better than being bored by too much tidiness!

Cathy Kizerian

I cannot wait to see the magazine spread, but have to agree that grandgirls' messes are sweet. (or bittersweet.). And thinking back to my daughter as a young girl, her Barbies never had clothes and often didn't have heads, either!

mercedes scott

Oh Karla, I really enjoyed this post! You have said so many things that are near and dear to my heart! I don't have grandbabies yet, but I'm hoping that when I do, the messes they create will be much welcomed... the days of worrying about a "clean" house are gone! I think when we turn 50, our priorities all get re-arranged (in a good way!)...mine did! Hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend.


Hi Karla,
It's been awhile since I visited, the cottage looks amazing! I know all about little messes. I'm so excited to hear your place will be in RC. After all, that's where I discovered you all those years ago. Let me know when.

Gretchen Schaumann

Wow, what a fun peak inside your delightful home! I can't believe how big Sugar fairy has grown, and her cute little side kick is new to me as well. I guess I've been buried in my own life and messy domain. Thank you for sharing some fun photos of your tidy 24 hour cleaned up home. How quickly the time does pass.

Laura Strack

I miss my barbies...and if anyone dare say you never clean house, just show them the evidence, your pics! That'll shut them up! Love your family, home, blog and definitely your sense of humor. I can so relate to it all. My husband has a twin!


Having priorities straight is an important quality in a friend. That's one of the reasons I adore you!

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