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October 27, 2013


Tami Hacker

What a great week with your sissies & grandfairies. Karla, you a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul!


A delightful post. You surely know how to tell a story. And add great photos to it also.





Nancy Thompson

Hi Karla,
Loved your post and pix.....brought back my own memories of being a very young bride and our trailor in Beaufort South Carolina. The gnats were so thick...you couldn't step outside or they would glob your eyes! We had many dinners of cream of wheat...or fried potatoes! Didn't have a penny...but we were happy. Makes you appreciate today...doesn't it! :)


Love this, Karla. ONLY YOU would even THINK about the crystal bowl v. salad spinner for the gnat attack! I'm getting those too and have no idea why -- I may try the fly strip -- thanks for the vinegar tip!

I love your craft day and how everyone was doing their own thing -- Beth stitching, some with paper... the best kind. And I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time. You are right about friends and family -- there is nothing like them.

Karla Nathan

Usually the vinegar trap is enough, but we had a deluge of them! I never know why. Good luck with yours, Jeannie

Karla Nathan

It sure does, Nancy!


Sounds like fun! And what is with these Gnats? I have had them like crazy, even found them in the reservoir to my coffee pot... YUCK!!

Karla Nathan

Oh, I hope my gnats dont discover that is a fun place to hang out, Gail!

Karla Nathan


You're so lucky to have your sissies, and they you! Funny you would mention gnats -- we had them near my work a few days ago and the place was INFESTED! I'd never seen anything like that before! Miller moths, yes; gnats, no! Crazy! 'Love all your soft light photos of all the girls. I hope you're feeling much better!

Patty in Kansas

Karla, you are a hoot...and God bless you for being so sweetly humble in your descriptions of different situations in your life. Your home now is so beautiful! When my husband and I were first married and stationed in Georgia, I had to live in a trailer, as well, while he was away on training for many long weeks...so you are in good company with many, many others!

Yvonne Welty

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was magical as well. Had my sweet mom and 3 great friends to our lake house for a crafty weekend. It was the best! I am amazed at where I found glitter while cleaning up. Lots of fun projects, lots of laughing and a few adult beverages as well.

By the way I am a trailer girl as well. Lived in 2 different ones while growing up. I think we all turn out just fine!


Loved your post .
wonderful weekend!!


Hi Karla what a fun week with the girls..all of them. Thank you for being so real. Our past certainly makes us who we are today and no matter what it is, it can't be changed. I love your make do fly trap/gnat trap on a chair.
Made me laugh.

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