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January 05, 2014



This is beautiful! Enjoy your trip.

Janet Ghio

Isn't it great that they still have the mural and didn't paint over it.


Wow! Talk about a great substrate to really make your beautiful work stand out! The texture on the walls really adds to the motion you so beautifully captured. It would have been a crime to paint over that -- I'm glad it's still there.

Wendy W

I found another mermaid in the picture with the turtles. It's in the lower right hand corner. What a beautiful mural, I wish I had one. I hope you enjoy your trip to HI, we went a few years ago.

Karla Nathan

You are right, Wendy. I see two mermaids there. Thanks for finding the lost ladies of the sea!

Karla Nathan

At the time, I was horrified to have to paint on that texture, but you are so right, Jeanie, it does give the finished piece some water current movement feeling.

Karla Nathan

Thanks, the trip is off to a wonderful start!


Seeing this and hear about your former career was a real treat. It is beautiful and you should be very proud!


Be vigilant, Karla, while in the water! I know you are having such fun. It was great fun to see your mural and hear about your process! I love the birds especially. (Big surprise, huh?)

Karla Nathan

Thanks, Kathy. It was a fun job while I was at it, but life moved on and my course changed. Its nice to look back, though


Thank you for sharing your work. I really enjoyed seeing it and I think it's wonderful. The stucco almost seems like the rippling of water and really works. :-)


This is so pretty and fun! I'm not surprised at all that they haven't painted over it - how could they???


This is beautiful, Karla! So glad it's still there! Thanks for showing it here. I think I'll try to go look at it in person one day - fun to "know" the artist! Enjoy your vacation in Hawaii!
xo Jane - Jacksonville


Oh how fab that it's still there. I love the texture - it makes it so under the sea!

Hope that your travels this time is better than last time. I remember something with your tickets last year.

Have fun and can't wait to see the photos!


Karla Nathan

Yes, last year we bought my ticket for the wrong day! Things are going better this year. Well, if you dont count my husband leaving his iPad on the plane!

Karla Nathan

That is nice of you, Jane! Its a huge area, its hard to tell just how big from the photos

Rose Brier Studio

Karla your mural is wonderful. How nice the hotel kept it and sweet of your DH to pull off for you to look at it. Thank you so much for sharing all those photos!

The fairytale forest is beautiful! I just want to walk down the path and see what is beyond the horizon!

Laurie S.

Love the mural, but especially the sweet manatee! You have amazing talent.

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