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February 05, 2014


Diana Connell

I'm snowed in today--a huge tree was uprooted and fell across our driveway. Wish we had Emily Gator nearby. I've gotten so much inspiration from your Grand-Mothering of Sugarwings and Dewdrop! One day you should write a Grand-Mothering book filled with your cool kid ideas. My only Grandchild is a darling, darling baby boy, though. Would little boys enjoy Cocoa parties? I wish you had some entries about how you entertained your little grandsons, I'm sure you have tons of inspiration there as well! Stay warm... just keep visualizing your recent trip to Hawaii and revisiting your beautiful album of memories!


So glad that the grown-ups were as likable as the sweet friend. We got ice - almost a half inch. but I trudged to work through closed roads and downed trees, limbs and downed wires. Only to get there and have no internet or phones. What a day!!!

Hope that you got that firewood in the house!


lol... so cute. The dog in the last photo looks like it is frozen solid! Just looking at those photos of snow makes my bones ache--- I just don't know how you do it!

Karla Nathan

This winter has been a rough one, I dont know how we do it either, Cheryl!

Karla Nathan

We did get firewood, Leann, that has helped so much. Its single digit temps now, much colder than when were playing outside The only plus for us is that it was fluffy, light snow, no ice. Good luck with the downed power lines and lack of utilities. That is when things get rough.

Gloria McAllister-Roop

The pups look sooo funny!!

Gloria in Virginia

I know...all that story I comment on the pups. Go figure.

Karla Nathan

Those dogs were pretty durn cute, running around in snow taller than them!

Patty in Kansas

Karla...all I can say is, God bless you...I believe you and your husband are such kind hearted people, and every evening, I check your post for a dose of humor and love and crafts. When this weather breaks for the spring, you need to come up for lunch..my treat! Glad you now have Emily Gator to get your sweet grands out and about. Patty in Kansas


It looks more fun in Kansas -- maybe because it will go away sooner!


Love the pictures of the girls in the snow because it reminds me of my childhood in South Dakota. I'm mostly a California girl, and haven't played in the snow for eons, but I sure have fond memories of it.

Karla Nathan

Usually our snow is gone In a few days. But we are in a cold snap and it is lasting way too long for me!


Are you the best grandparents, ever? I say YES.


Great story! That's one lucky family -- and so are you all! Snorting/laughing over "shoe store people"! That so sounds like something I would say!

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