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February 13, 2014


Linda P.

You do make me smile, Karla! You are so unpretentious, and that is so endearing.

I have my very own copy of this beautiful magazine because I love your studio so much and can hardly believe that I have actually had the privilege of creating there! That was one of MY dreams, and I did hold fast to it, so no unflying broken-winged birds for me in that instance!

And Birdsong 4 will be here before we know it. I can see my bird-of-another-fulfilled-dream winging its way across the sky of my life even as I type . . . .

Sheila Rumney

Congrats! Your beauty shines right through...


Such a beautiful space, Karla. I cannot wait to find the magazine and meet you in person in May!


Everything you do is beautiful, Karla, so keep on dreaming! So happy you're in the magazine - probably the prettiest studio of all!
xo Jane

Yvonne Welty

I stalked Barnes and Noble until I found the latest issue of "Where Women Create" because you had mentioned your studio would be in it. Great article and you looked so pretty just the way you were! Love your studio. I'd love to attend a class sometime. If you're in Indy again give me a shout out. I live about 45 minutes from there and would love to meet you. Goodness, hope that didn't sound like I'm a wierd stalker or something. Ha!

mary truax

Just thrilled your dreamy studio is featured in the magazine. Your home is my favorite and I've borrowed many of your ideas. Love the picture with your hands.

bobbie h

Congratulations!! Your studio is so lovely ~

Karla Nathan

Thanks, Bobbie, I love being in that room!

Karla Nathan

Id love to meet up in Indy sometime, Yvonne, thanks. I always have a good time meeting up with people Ive met through blogging. Ive been lucky in making good friends that way.


Congratulations! I must get out soon and look for a magazine...your Studio is Enchanting~

Karla Nathan

Thanks, Mary! Well, Im wishing Id done my nails and fixed up a bit more, but honestly, that is much much much better than I usually look, so I shouldnt complain! The next article after mine in the magazine features a gorgeous model, so there is no way to beat that anyway.


I adore everything about your studio and can't wait to read the article!

Karla Nathan

Thanks, Kathy, its a pretty issue, Im happy to be in it.

Claudia E

Okay, I'm going to buy this magazine. I've been following your blog for awhile. You are so creative and I love everything you share with us. Love your studio!

Amy Bauer

Yahoo for you! I'll dash out and get the magazine. Your studio is definitely print-worthy. I love "visiting" via your blog and vicariously attending your soirees! - Amy Bauer


I was so excited when I saw your studio ! I'm such a fan and I thought it looked great.


I finally bought the magazine this week! It was such fun seeing your studio in it; I do love your quote, too. Congratulations!


I was flipping through that magazine and I saw these pages that looked oh so pretty and I was thinking they looked vaguely familiar. Yep, I've seen that studio before.....on Karla's blog! I was thrilled to see your studio in Where Women Create and I am so very happy for you. Everything looks great and it was a wonderful article. And I didn't notice your Halloween nails until you mentioned it here. Everything was just perfect. You should be very proud!!


I'm looking forward to seeing the magazine, and reading all about your beautiful studio.

Karla Nathan

Oops, I just sent you an empty email! I bumped the send button.

Just wanted to say thanks, and that I hope you enjoy the magazine, its a lovely issue and Im honored to be in it.

Tami Hacker

You and your studio look as beautiful as ever in your Where Women Create article, Congratulations! Your studio is a beautiful reflection of your heart & soul!

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