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June 29, 2014



I think you did the best thing you could. I wouldn't have let her in my vehicle either. No thank you and I wouldn't have given her any money either... just me. Calling 911 was best. I suppose you just have to trust your gut. Yikes - glad things turned out OK.


This is really scary. You did the right thing and now remember when the girls are on a car trip to carry Benadryl and in fact, give her some before you get to the hills. Where in the Ozarks were you? Sounds like SW Mo.???

Regina Brodbeck

Karla...wouldn't have let her in the car either. You just never know. You did get her help and that was important. She could have been an accomplice for all you know.

Karla Nathan

Yep, SW MO on our way to Eldridge. We dont go that direction very often, but I sure wont take that little girl on a long curvy drive again without being ready for carsickness!

Karla Nathan

Regina, that was my fear, that she was the bait for us to be attacked!


Gosh Karla, that was a scary and tough situation. I would have been afraid to let her in my car, too. If push came to shove and the guy looked like he was coming after you then I couldn't have left her to fend for herself. Letting the police deal with it is the best choice.


OMG, how scarey! I totally understand your intuition not to let her in the car. These days you cannot be too safe, you did the right thing. You got her help and stayed with her until they arrived!!!


So scary, Karla! I do think you did the right thing. What a terrible situation to deal with!

As a victim of carsickness, I've found that riding in the front seat helps a lot. That's probably not an option with a little one these days, though. Having plenty of cool air helps a lot to, as does Dramamine. I never travel without it. You can also get SeaBands at the drugstore, etc. - just terry bands with a little button that hits the right pressure point on your wrist to prevent motion sickness. I've also found that riding facing backward is the absolute worst thing. Hope Dewdrop fares better on her next adventure!

bobbie h

Poor Dewdrop!

And you were very smart with your caution ~ what a horrifying situation!

Karla Nathan

Another driver stopped to wait with us, he was local. I felt safety in numbers when he arrived! It was surprising that the police took so long, it couldve been much worse if the boyfriend wasnt in such a hurry to get away.

Karla Nathan

Wed have taken her with us if the boyfriend looked like he was stopping. All of us were ready to jump in the car and speed away, but he must have been going about 90 mph or more as he rushed by.

Karla Nathan

I debated on the cash. In the end, I figured that forty bucks might make a difference to her, but not to me.

Ronda Liebert

Tell your husband never to put a lone women in his car - they can later accuse him of sexual assault. This happens a lot.


Thank heavens everything turned out fine...what a scary situation for everyone..I would still be shaking in my boots...take care

Karla Nathan

I wouldnt have thought if that scenario, Rhonda!


omg :(


I'll say this for you. You do led a very interesting life.


WOW Karla. How incredibly scary. I don't know what I would have done except trust my instincts, which you did do. Don't ever second guess yourself. I'm happy everyone was safe.

Yvonne Welty

I think you did the right thing as well. The world is scary and you can never be too careful. After all you did help her. You just didn't let her in your car. I too have seen people on meth and they do have a certain look to them. I pass them on the street all the time and you just know that they are using. So sad. Thanks for helping this girl out.

Karla Nathan

That girl was probably 18-29, but her face looked 40. I knew she wasnt, it had to be drugs. Youre right, Yvonne, Its a look you know when you see it.

Karla Nathan

Ha! Rainy, I dont tell half of it, the best stories are secrets still. My sister thinks I need to write a book about the odd happenstances and craziness that follows me everywhere.

donna joy

scary! i think you did the right thing-by nature we want to help (ie, throw her in the car and go) but sadly there are too many nuts in the world and dishonest people-like you, i've seen the movies and would have been leery of someone hiding while she flagged you down. sounds like you did your best and it worked out.

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