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July 22, 2014


Regina Brodbeck

Love all your pieces...glad you're using the beads!! Plenty more where they came from. I can't wait to finally get organized and make some stuff of my own.

Karla Nathan

Thanks again for the beads, Regina! You have a great collection. I cant wait to see what you make.

tina mcdaid

love the jewellery,but I didn,t know my saggy neck was called a wattle,mine is totally my worst feature and I have yet to discover a way to disguise it,i guess it what 50 plus ladies have to put up with,but at least we have the joy of grandchildren .

Gail Sell

Beautiful!! And lets not talk about wattles!!


They are all beautiful. I can see how you got inspired by Lori and Andrea.

Yvonne Welty

Karla-We are our own worst critic. You don't have a wattle. You are wonderful. I'm super excited about the book swap. I'm "shopping my stash" for materials. Yikes! I didn't realize how much I have. Have a great day!

Karla Nathan

Aw, thanks, Yvonne.

Im excited about the swap too, I took a break from making covers to do some pages. I had the opposite problem though. While my stash of supplies seems huge, I had a lack of nature inspiration. Except for tons of bird books that I use for Birdsong! I went with some flowers and birds, but need to branch out. Now, Im going for sunsets and oceans too, I found some old postcards to use.

Karla Nathan

Yep, who wouldnt be inspired by those two? Wow, they are overflowing with talent.

Karla Nathan

Youre right Gail! Normally, the subject can be avoided, and should be. But those dang iPhone cameras always tend to point them out to me.

Karla Nathan

True, nothing beats grandkids, Tina!!

Cathy Kizerian

The necklaces are beautiful, Karla, and so are you. I have the twin wattle to yours, and so RELATE to your thoughts. You were able to capture in words what I have had a hard time verbalizing. How to deal with the effects of aging? You have shown us that accepting it gracefully and with humor is far better than hiding it or strategizing ways to deal with it cosmetically. Bravo! We all love you and are aging right along with you. And that is so much better than not aging at all, isn't it? Life is good. :-)

Karla Nathan

So, true, Cathy, an aging neck is much better than the alternative of not aging at all! Plus, my grand daughter loves to flap my wattle like it is playdough. Im not so fond of that reminder, but it does remind me of my grandmas bread dough arm wings that I used to love to poke. Grandmas are soft and nice to poke at.

Curtains in my Tree

your jewels are all pretty and how funny about your wattle,
I have been seeing those commercials about a lazar treatment for such things, we call them turkey necks here LOL

That's why Diane Keaton wears turtle necks year round LOL

Karla Nathan

Yes, Ive heard Turkey Neck too. Neither term is very pretty, but both are very descriptive!

Linda P.

I think your jewelry is sooo pretty, Karla! I am somewhat jewelry-making challenged. Maybe I would become better if I did a lot of it! When I finished the gorgeous bracelet Andrea had for us at Birdsong, I felt it was QUITE the accomplishment--at least for me. : ) I enjoyed sitting by Mercedes because we both co-miserated about our lack of jewelry-making prowess. Hee hee.

I LOVE your humor, Karla, especially when you poke fun at yourself. Yes, we 50+ ladies all have our "getting older" pet peeves! I just try to remember a quote I once saw online. "Don't regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many." When I remember that, it helps me deal with the wrinkle here (and here and here!) and the sag there!

Karla Nathan

Linda did you see the tool that Karen Hillman brought? It made the eye hooks, and was so handy! That got me hooked on making jewelry again.

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