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July 12, 2014


Lisa S.

I never tire of the pictures from your studio...can't imagine anyone else would either. So many vintage pretties tucked into every nook and cranny with your most gorgeous & charming creations.
Thanks for sharing again.
~~the pupeesh are always a bonus! :-)


Lovely tour Karla. I can't get enough either. I just got a punch bowl like yours and you have inspired me to fill it with my vintage flowers.


Ok now I'm commenting here too:) I love to stroll through your studio - it's Gorgeous! and I adore all the nooks and crannies and treasures!

I sent you 2 emails - 1 for a faerie kit and one for the swap.

Enjoy your weekend!

Karla Nathan

Anything filled with vintage flowers is a wonderful thing, huh, Patty!?

Karla Nathan

Thanks, Lisa, I feel like I show the same pictures over and over, so Im glad to hear that.


I Always enjoy seeing your studio, it is so pretty! There is so much to look at I don't think anyone could get bored! I love many of your furniture pieces and the wallpaper boxes and the birds flying above ! Hugs! karen....


WOW!!!! Amazing space... your plywood painting is brilliant, too!

A fun, fun place to create and to hang out!


Karla, I never tire of the endless inspiration in your studio. Love Love the flowers on the concrete step!

bobbie h

As lovely as always, Karla ~ I especially love the scrollwork design in the concrete.

Louise Oakes

I always enjoy looking around your studio, however many times you show it. The dresses you made at Downton are adorable and your bowls full of flowers are enviable♡


SO fanciful! I could really get carried away in here!


I always love seeing your studio!

Karla Nathan

Gail, it looks even better filled with friends. I look forward to seeing you here again


I have never been here so I have never seen your studio! Oh how enchanting it all is. So much beauty everywhere and your daughter is soooo beautiful. Your puppies too! I have a maltese bella bleu as my assistant in my studio. Thank you for sharing.


Hi Karla! I can never get enough of seeing photos of your studio! The only thing better is being there! :)


I have really enjoyed looking around your beautiful studio. I really love everything. Thank you for sharing Lisa


Pretty, pretty, pretty!!!! Thanks for sharing.....and you silly thing for thinking anyone would get tired of gazing upon your space!


Karla, I just love reading your blog. Your paintings and fairy creations are just wonderful! It's funny to see so many pictures without the "little ones." You have such a happy space. :-)

Bohemian Valhalla

I would never tire of visiting such an Enchanting and Beautiful Space as this! Fairyville and so many other Delightfully Creative Ideas would mezmerize me and I could look around and be continuously Inspired! I can clearly see why this is your slice of Heaven on Earth and I Thank You for Inviting me in to Experience it all!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Karen Garrard

What a beautiful space to craft in Karla! All those gorgeous cabinets and all the lovely treasures everywhere too. Love it. Thanks so much for the tour. This is my first time at the party and I am having a ball. Karen.x


I never ever get tired of looking at your DREAMY studio... All I can say is I'm GREEN with envy.. and it is STUNNING.. EVERYTHING about it...I love ALL your beautiful furniture filled to the brim of YUMMIES....If I ever need inspiration I always hop over here to see your AMAZING space...

Judi Storm

As always I love looking at your craft space and home. I can't get tiered of it. I would like to sign up for your swap. I know I'm not as good as some of your other wonderful participants but I like being a part, and I'm trying not to let that hold me back. I could not get to the page you mentioned so I hope this will do. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, and inspiring me to put myself out there.

Karla Nathan

Ive had a couple hours of no kiddo today, and have got my design almost complete for the swap. I hope to be posting details soon. Ill add you to the list for a reminder, thanks Judi!

Karla Nathan

Im so glad you came by, Kerrie, I loved following your link to your tranquil space!


I my word and then the view out your door! Your space is beautiful. I enjoyed my visit. I was trying to figure out how to hang rice latterns I think you gave me the idea! I love the doggies too. My dog is always in my door way. My space is too small for her to join me but she inches her way in! Thanks for sharing your beautiful space!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

I love seeing pictures of your studio, Karla! I just soak them up and try to use a little bit for inspiration in my own little nook of a space. I love your fairies all over and how you have them tucked in everywhere. Even your mannequin. You make me want to dress mine up a bit better now! I'd love to hear more about your swap. I try to do at least one a year and haven't done one yet this year. I'll come back and check in though for your updates.

Maureen Hayes

Please keep coming back each year because I for one, never tire of seeing your beautiful space or the lovely creations you make! Thank you for sharing with us, and I can I just say that those roses you drew freehand with a nail in the concrete are fantastic!

Maureen Hayes

Can you send me some info on the swap you are planning? Thanks!


I would never tire of browsing your gorgeous space! Each picture is just beautiful and inspiring! And wow, what a wonderful bunch of coworkers you have ♥ Love your outdoor space as well and love the roses you designed in to the concrete. I truly enjoyed your tour.


Karen Valentine

Karla, you could show your studio a thousand times and I would never tire of looking at it! It is one of my top 5 favorites and is what my studio wants to be when it grows up!! Thank you so much for your lovely post and for joining the party once again. :)

Karla Nathan

Karen, thanks so much for the kind words and for hosting this fun blog hop yet again!


Oh I have missed visiting you. This is just so absolutely beautiful. You must just love getting up in the morning with your surroundings which are so wonderful!!!!!

Jennifer LaVite

Wow! I absolutely love your space. I really like the branches with the birds and the birdcage and the wings on your mannequins. And the stitched sampler pennants too. Your puppies are adorable. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space!

Jesse Rowan

Absolutely gorgeous cramming of delectable junk! Love your rose step, too.

Catie Porter

I am late to the party but I am always in awe of your studio and all that fills it. I never tire of seeing it again and again. How wonderful that you have an new patio right off your studio. I love the personal touch of the flowers on the concrete. I suggested something like that around our pool and it was shot down very quickly but I always get to decorate everything else the way I like...just saying.

Karla Nathan

My husband wasnt informed before I did the drawings, Catie! And I threw in the word family in one area, so when he saw it, he really liked it.

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