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August 22, 2014


Jeannie McGehee

Can't wait to get my book! We are going to have a container garden in November because that is when the planting season is here in Phoenix so will journal or add pictures to the book...Love the new tutorial and I think I read you were doing a jewelry tutorial also --think that will be cool ( I think I read that on FB)...have a great day!


Karla, you are a wonder! The idea of putting together 75 plus books sounds daunting, but then you do get to look at ALL the amazing pages that come in so I suppose that helps. Love everything you've done so far and will be thrilled to get my book when the swap is complete. My pages are in the works!


I can't do assembly line crafting either. I remember the Fairytale book swap...oh my...that took me a long time. Definitely one of the best swaps I've done. I treasure the book. Charlotte.

Karla Nathan

It just gets too monotonous to be efficient, doesnt it? I have to mix it up a bit. Ive also been able to have mindless trimming and tying bits to do during social visits, that has worked out well. Ive kept a bowl of charms and ribbons on the dining room table and when the family sits around to chat, I tie them up, to be ready to add to the books.

I dont see
you on the list for this swap, Charlotte, we will miss you! You always make pretty things.

Karla Nathan

It is soooooo exciting when the pages start to arrive. Its humbling too, to know that so many artists trust me with their treasures.

Claudia E


Is there one glue better than another to use on the pages of the books?

Karla Nathan

I use Crafters Pick, The Ultimate for most everything, myself, Claudia. But please use whatever you have had good experiences with.

Laurie Jackson

I think my favorite of those pages is the bird on fabric one! It looks like so much fun -- I wish I'd had time to play but I love seeing all the photos!

Karla Nathan

We will miss you in the swap, Laurie!!!

Debra Ganas

Just to clarify...these are 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches?

Karla Nathan

The pages are standard cardstock, 8-1/2 x 11, folded in half to make four pages of 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 But do not cut, only fold in half.

Karla Nathan

Debra, you can see the spot I punched the holes in the second and third pictures.


I don't know how you manage! I've had such fun with these, that maybe someday when you do your tutorial, I'll do another set of pages on some theme or other just to do it! I really appreciate your sharing all your ideas. They help the creative process roll!

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