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October 22, 2014


Lesley Walker

Wow! So much loveliness! It's made my day. Blessings

Linda P.

What great fun to scroll through all these beautiful pages, Karla! Thanks for sharing the pretties from this swap.

Yvonne Welty

Thanks for sharing Karla! I definitely enjoyed seeing the pages and am really enjoying my journals!


I am gobsmakced! over all these amazing pages of stunning artwork. I would have taken the tour. I cherish my book and have communicated with each artist whose pages I received, new friends, lovely art, and a hearty thank you for all the hard work you put into this swap.

Jeannie McGehee

WOW!! The pages are all awesome!! Can't wait to include some of the ideas in my book! Thank you for sharing and for all your hard work in the care & construction of each book!

Karla Nathan

Arent they something, Jeannie? Im ready to do another, that was such a pleasure.

Karla Nathan

And Sandy, thank you for the fun ephemera book that you gave to me. I took it along on my sister trip to Florida and my sisses and I used pictures from it in our travel journals.

Karla Nathan

That is great, Yvonne! I hope your friends enjoy them as gifts too. Thanks again for purchasing extras.


Absolutely brilliant, Karla. I love seeing the diversity of pages in all this! I don't know how much time you spent but even a rookie could tell it was dozens of hours.

I have to sign up for your class. I'll do it today. I'd love to do a Christmas in July swap sometime -- all holiday things but time to have this precious book in time for the holiday season!

I love it, I love mine and I'm so grateful for all your work!

Karla Nathan

The room seems empty without them!


It is so beautiful to see all the pages matched up in sets like this! I love my journal and I appreciate the thought you put in to assembling them.


They are all beautiful - so much inspiration.


Those pages are drop dead gorgeous!!! Makes me even sadder that I was not able to participate. Hopefully I can next time.

Karla Nathan

There will for sure be a next time, Gail. I enjoyed this one a great deal.


I would have taken the tour, too....these pages are gorgeous, made my day ! I loved this swap, I love my journal, and I love last years fairy journal as well. I treasure all the time spent, especially yours. I'm ready for another one anytime !

Margie S.

Wow!! So many beautiful pages. Thank you for taking the time to take all of these pictures and to share them with us. I cannot even imagine all the hours you spent putting these together for us, Karla!! Thank you so much. I love my journal and I SO appreciate all that you have done for each one of us who joined this fun swap. I hope when you recover you'll think of doing another one. haha! I look forward to it. So much fun! Thank you!! Thank you!!

Margie S.

Oh and PS!! I love the cover you made for us. It's so beautiful. I will treasure this journal.

Karla Nathan

I really am looking forward to the next one, this was a lovely experience from start to finish, and everyone was so nice to work with. Thanks for being a part of it, Margie.

Karla Nathan

That fairy one was so special to me too, Robin!

Karla Nathan

It was quite special to have all those pages here with me.

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