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November 24, 2014


Erica H

What a terrible shame!!!
I don't know why Somerset doesn't do what other magazines do for open calls - you email a PHOTO of your project and if they like it, then you send in the actual piece. It would definitely cut down on the amount of stuff they receive and store.
I sent some items in to Somerset several years ago. And, after several months, I finally had them all returned (none were ever published). Some were damaged (missing pieces) and ALL had a "P" written in ink on them (I assume meaning "pass"). I've never sent them anything else. They just don't respect people's work like they should. And for the amount they charge for those magazines, they should be able to hire a company to handle the storage and returns for them.
I hope you do receive all of your pages. I remember when you all created these books, and they were beautiful!

Laurie Jackson

Oh, I remember when you did those books and posted about them -- all the pages were fabulous. I've had an experience where things that did not belong to me were "returned" to me from Somerset! I contacted them and sent them back but who knows if they will ever get to their creators/owners. That is very, very sad and I'm sorry it happened to you, most especially with a project that held such meaning for you. :(


I agree with Erica, They should call for a digital photo first, then do the selection based on that. Would save a lot of expense and time for all considered. I hope you get your work back. Double insult that they requested your work, then fumbled it to the lost project pile. I have looked into submitting, but it always seemed so fly by night I have never taken a chance. They also ask for return postage on the blind submitted work. I imagine many people have lost that good faith gesture too.


I have friends who have 'lost' things at Somerset. When I'm asked why I don't submit my things, I tell them that.
My heart breaks for your loss; hopefully all your things will eventually come home to you ~

Karla Nathan

It has been nice over the years to be featured, and I appreciate that, but Ive learned from being in dozens and dozens of magazines that it is a lot of effort for little return.

Karla Nathan

And that postage adds up, doesnt it, Laurie?

Karla Nathan

Oh my, they wrote on your piece with ink? Im sorry to hear that.

carol pohl

I am sure this happens tons of times unfortunately. I don't know how you keep yours straight, you did a wonderful job and always do. I am so glad for you that you finally go your book back. In this day and age of all the digital stuff (if i actually get to talk to a human) i always take names departments and sometimes the time and date i talked to them. such a shame we don't do to many personal things like write actual thank you notes, etc. don't get me wrong i love email and would be lost without it as well as texting and voice mail. thank you again for all your wonderful posts and SWAPS Ditto on the digital pic to begin with, sure would save a lot of time and headaches.


Karla Nathan

How nice that you do written notes, Carol. I always think I will, but end up emailing instead. Good for you!


I agree from my own experience it was nice to feature in a magazine and completely agree if the work is valuable don't bother sending it away to a magazine, just share your work on Blog, your reaching just as many people if not more as Blog is International and Stampington is not found in all corners of the world. They don't look after your work and I feel that the photography was a bit hit and miss too. Some of my pictures looked appalling compared to how they looked in the real, ie. bleached out with unsuitable backgrounds. Where as other contributors had some great quality pictures, luck of the draw. Thankfully my book came safely back to me in the UK through the kind help of my American swap friend. I do enjoy reading the Stampington magazines but having seen how things go behind the scenes I would never submit anything to them again.

Ginny (UK)

Karla Nathan

Ive been really lucky with the spreads Ive been in, Ginny. But yes, the whole storage and return issue doesnt always go well. Im glad your piece was returned too.


I'm glad they found your book pages, and they were returned to you. It is such a lovely book.

Karla Nathan

Yes, me too, Pallas! Im so excited to finally get to spend some time looking through it. We mailed them off before we even had a chance to enjoy them.


I'm so glad this is all going to work out okay for you. It is hard to keep something like this straight, but I know you are happy about the news. Happy Thanksgiving!

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