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January 28, 2015


Dawn Edmonson

The room is just GORGEOUS Karla!!! I love it all...the paint (even though it was a pain) the hues down to the velvet bench. Just beautiful ~ Hope you are staying cozy and warm sweet friend! xxoo, Dawn


The room is stunning Karla. I much prefer to make my own chalk paint to customize the color and amount. I have had really good success. I wonder if it was the brand that did not produce the results you wanted. It turned out amazing, I love all the storage too!

Karla Nathan

Ive made some chalk paint once too, it was a bit lumpy for me, so I need to get the formula right if I do it again. Because to buy it already made is way too expensive.

Karla Nathan

Thank, Dawn! Im still hoping to use your idea about the lace panels too. Love that idea!

Gigi Harlan

I haven't tried chalk paint and I appreciate your assessment of it. I did try milk paint and hated it. You can't control how, if, when or how much it will chip. The bed looks gorgeous!

Karla Nathan

Thanks, Gigi. I feel like I got a good adhesion, so the chalk paint worked okay. What I dont find worth it, is the price for the end result which is exactly like primer and regular paint. Cheaper, same amount of work, still no sanding. Although Sandy Babb had a good idea with making her own chalk paint, if you can keep the cost down and it covers in one coat, that could be a big plus. Skipping the primer. But for my experience, I cant say Ill do it again.

Karla Nathan

So, Sandy, how do you topcoat yours? And does it cover well in one coat?


Oh, I am laughing! The end result looks lovely and that storage will be very useful. But, oh my, that was one ugly brown bed. I can say that cause I used to have an even bigger monstrosity as a waterbed frame. We ditched it when we moved since it was too big to fit in the new house. And almost ending your marriage over a recliner? You stick to your guns, girl! I haven't had THAT argument yet. Good to hear chalk paint is not as essential as we are led to believe. :) Hugs. Charlotte

Curtains In My Tree

Thanks for the tip that Hobby Lobby chalk paint is not worth the effort.
I always thought I would make my own on my next small project.
Love the bed , love the dogs, love the bench LOL you did a good job as always

Karla Nathan

Im simply shocked at the price of any of the chalk paints, at least at Hobby Lobby, you can get a 40% off coupon! It might be fine on sale for small boxes or frames, but I wont use it on furniture again.

Karla Nathan

You shouldve seen the chair, Charlotte. It looked like an albino, Barney the dinosaur!


I love the look you gave your new bed, and will be referencing your painting tips. I must say, you are a brave girl to paint a new bed! That said, I'm going to use your post as proof that it is perfectly ok to paint a new bed - I'll tell my husband, Karla did it.

Karla Nathan

The best reason to paint a brand new piece is to get rid of that yucky, brand new look! I prefer old stuff. And fake the look when I have to!


Well, the bed looks great, Karla and I love the new look. Very good info on the chalk paint. I haven't used it either -- have a jar to paint a desk at the cottage but that won't see actualization till summer. Now I'm wondering if 1) I bought enough (while traveling -- match that baby); 2) if it will really be worth the effort. Well, I have to do something with it and will probably give it a try. Look for a comment sometime next summer saying "remember your chalk paint post? Well, you were right...!"

Karla Nathan

So many people swear by chalk paint, Im surprised that I disliked it. Let me know what you think when you try it, Jeannie!


The bedroom looks awesome! The bed is really cool like this! Great job! I love it! Thumbs up!

Michelle Henry

I love how you lightened up the wood! It looks so great and really makes the bedroom a serene environment.

Michelle H.

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