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March 21, 2015



Oh Karla, I can imagine how very difficult this will be for you. Prayers for you all.

Tami Hacker

Love will see you through and hold you...this has got to be so hard on all of you. Hugs & prayers to everyone!

Barbara Burkard

Time to expand the fairy berry tail 13 hours longer. ..

Barbara Burkard


lori oles

Oh Karla. I'm sorry. I didn't know. Hang in there and stay strong. I'll keep you in my prayers


OH, that's so hard for you all! Hugs!

Janet Ghio

Oh I am so sorry.


We all know how precious your family is to you. I can't even begin to imagine how your heart must feel anticipating this new arrangement. Sending lots of love and hugs.


So sorry to hear Karla. My heart goes out to you. I know you and your family will be able to work this out. Sending positive thoughts and wishes your way!!!


I am so sorry to hear this. What direction has she moved? No wonder you have crammed so much into the last few weeks but those memories will be with you all forever. Hang in there. Love You



My heart breaks for you all, keeping you all in my prayers.

sonya badgley

So sorry, Karla. My heart breaks for you. I will be praying for you and little Dewdrop.


I'm so sorry for you. My hubby and I are facing a similar situation in the near future and I know how bad it hurts. Try to keep your chin up and a smile on your face :-) Love shouldn't hurt so much, should it?

Karla Nathan

She is having adventures, and will be a world traveller. Both parents love her dearly and Im proud of hone theyve handled this and are making it work.

Karla Nathan

Its not easy to have loved ones far away, but the love is always there. And I know it is much tougher for her parents, but they are troupers and doing their best for her, Im proud of them both. Good luck to you, too, Jeannine.


Yikes, Karla. That has to truly be tearing at your heartstrings. Even if all are handling things well, it still doesn't take away some of the deep sadness as change takes root. I'm glad you'll have some good switchoff times and I know you will always be a tremendous part of her life because with that much love, how could you two not be close, even in distance. Sending those big healing hugs to you.


Karla, sending love to you, she is such a beautiful and precious little girl. Lori

Karla Nathan

She is delightful!

Jeannie McGehee

Hugs to you...Dewdrop is a doll and you will make more precious memories when she comes back..

Lesley UK

Karla, I'm so sorry, I haven't seen some of my grandchildren for several years, and it breaks my heart, so I know how you're feeling. Warm Blessings to you

Karla Nathan

I have been beyond blessed to have mine near, and having them even living with me at times, Leslie. And now, Dewdrop isnt gone for long, shell be trekking back and forth monthly. So, I am looking at the bright side, and knowing that we are lucky to have an arrangement so that I still get to see her. My heart goes out to you, that must be so hard! Im whiny about a couple of weeks. I need to count my blessings a lot more.


I am so sorry that you have to go through this my daughter has been talking about moving out of state it will break my heart if they do... but I cant't keep them living in California just for me ):

Karla Nathan

True, Diane, they have their own lives. Which is what we both want for them but not what we want for ourselves!

Laurie Jackson

Oh, that is hard I totally understand and sympathize with your heartbreak. But keep talking to her -- that mantra will help you both to get through it. What new adventures await her...and you.


Oh Karla I know how close you are to your kidlets. You have built such a special bond that distance will never undo that. All seven of our grandchildren live five hours away and we try to see them every few months and Skype and talk on the phone weekly. It bridges that gap until we are with them in person. The only wonderful thing is all four of our children live within minutes of each other.....so far from home....and their children are as close as siblings....it makes us so happy. I hope Dewdrop will settle in just fine, knowing how loved she is and that every month won't seem to far away. Hugs

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