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April 26, 2015


Janet Ghio

Personally, I think you have every right to be upset and I think you should contact the editor of the magazine. I've seen the magazine and it is a very pretty magazine, but if she is doing this to you, she is doing it to others and eventually she is going to get sued by someone. If she is lifting photos from other publications and making up the article and then publishing it without ever contacting you she is wrong.

Karla Nathan

No, honestly it is NOT wrong, this is the way the industry works. The photos and story were bought and paid for by the magazine to the stylist and the photographer and they were credited for it. I signed a form giving them my permission to do this at the photo shoot. The magazine had nothing but nice things to say about me, there was no slander, there was no copyright infringement.

Im glad that Fifi and Mark have sold the photos multiple times, good for them, they are talented and took good photos. And it is a compliment to my home too.

My only point is that it is sad that so often, homeowners arent informed when the pictures are published even the first time. If the publication is the perk they do it for, it is sad to miss out on it. When my home was first in Country Almanac, ages ago, I remember looking at the stands every single time I went to the grocery store, waiting to see where and when it would show up. I didnt even know which magazine it would be, only that it was Harris Publications, who own quite a few.
There is nothing to sue and no reason to sue anyone, and Im not mad. Its kind of funny, Ive had quite the chuckle out of it.


I see your point completely, Karla. It's a lovely article (from what I can tell, even though it's inaccurate!) and splendid photos (of course). But yes, a quick note saying "We sold the pix to another publication. Not sure when it's out but here's the source to touch base with" then at least you have a head's up and can even be a little more aggressive so they would get it right.

Flattering, yes. But a little courtesy goes a long, long way!

Karla Nathan

True, its a matter of curtesy, Jeannie!

Yvonne Welty

I had no idea the publishing world works the way you explained it. I think you are being very gracious about the whole thing. At least you have groupies all around the world now!

Karla Nathan

Well, there was no link to my blog, so Im groupie-less.

Erica H

I think you should get a free copy of any magazine that your home appears in. Makes me want to never open my home to anything "unsponsored", that's for sure.

Karla Nathan

Youd think so, wouldnt you, Erica? Not all do that. Somerset publications do, but they often lose your artwork or keep it for years... Romantic Homes never sent me one, Romantic Country did. None of the other Harris Publications did, Country Accents, Small Room Decorating, Paint, etc. Where Women Create sent some for a give away, and so did Country Sampler Home Tour. They were great, and sent a big stack. Plus were so good to work with, very friendly and helpful!


I'm glad you can keep your sense of humor about it all, Karla! I feel the same way about Chinese pottery, LOL! Your house looks beautiful even though Daphne got it wrong in oh so many ways!!

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